Namma Yatri Trials Taxi-Hailing Service in Bengaluru: Report

The official launch of the same will happen next week.
Namma Yatri Logo
Namma Yatri Logo

Ride-hailing platform Namma Yatri has piloted its taxi services in Bengaluru. The official launch of the same will happen next week, as per a report by Moneycontrol. 

The platform already offers cabs in both Kochi and Kolkata. They go by the names Yatri and Yatri Sathi Cab in the respective cities. The cabs available in Bengaluru will be both AC cabs (named Comfy cabs) and non-AC cabs (Eco cabs). 

The ride-hailing platform stands apart from its competitors, such as Ola and Uber, as it offers a zero-commission-based model for its drivers. This means that instead of taking a commission fee for each ride from the driver, they can only pay a login fee.

Talking about the monetisation strategy, the company website says, “The core innovation in this initiative is radically reducing the cost structure of the critical components like maps, cloud, operations, and marketing. This is helping us to convert from a high commission-based model to a very nominal subscription fee for the drivers, similar to a mobile recharge. Right now, the platform is free, and we will start charging the nominal subscription fee within a couple of months.” 

“At Namma Yatri, our mission is to empower drivers and bring about a positive transformation in their lives. We believe in creating a ride-hailing ecosystem that benefits both drivers and riders. With our innovative approach, we introduced Zero Commission Rides and embraced 100 percent openness, revolutionizing the ride-hailing industry,” reads a statement in the app. The app so far has 59,03,209 registered users. 

As of now, the firm has onboarded around 3,500 cab drivers. A source told Moneycontrol, “The cab services are presently in the testing phase or driver onboarding phase. We will see more drivers coming onto the platform soon.” 

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