LinkedIn Layoffs Hit Employees As Microsoft Executes Its Plans Of Mass Layoffs: Report

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn layoffs have reportedly affected employees in the company’s recruiting department even though the exact number is not yet known
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn lays off employees
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn lays off employees

LinkedIn layoffs are reportedly the next in line of news related to mass layoffs. Just days after Microsoft layoffs impacted close to 10,000 jobs, the brunt is also being felt at LinkedIn, a flagship company owned by Satya Nadella-led tech giant. 

As per a report in The, LinkedIn layoffs have affected employees in the company’s recruiting department. While as of now the exact number of laid off employees is not known, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn did confirm to the publication that some staff has been handed over the pink slips.

Global tech giant Microsoft, earlier announced that it would lay off about 5 per cent of its workforce amid a global economic slowdown. While the company’s CEO Satya Nadella did not confirm the departments to be affected in his address to the employees, he did mention that close to 10,000 jobs will be impacted. 

LinkedIn layoffs come as a surprise to many as the company till now, did not signal any signs of job cuts. It must also be noted that an official statement from LinkedIn on mass layoffs is still awaited. 

In addition to this, as per latest media reports, Microsoft layoffs have also hit the company’s Seattle office with about 600 employees getting pink slips. 

These tech layoffs at Microsoft-owned LinkedIn and even the parent company add to the existing list of tech companies engaging in mass layoffs. What presumably started with Twitter, eventually touched Google, Amazon, Meta and many other tech giants.

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