Latest Crypto News: ReelStar announces ReelToken’s ITO, Liminal Collaborates With Metamask Institutional

Here are some of the major crypto happenings in the last few days

ReelStar app, a Web 3.0 integrated social media platform, has launched ReelToken (REELT). In its initial token offering (ITO), ReelStar aims to raise $4.98 million through private sale, along with an additional $31.275 million through public sale. It has established a supply of 15 billion REELTs, of which 5 per cent has been capped for the ITO and private sale.

The company said in a press release that it will feature an in-app non-fungible token (NFT) creation feature and an NFT marketplace in an easy-to-use and familiar environment for both Android and iOS devices. NFTs made within the app can be integrated with extensive smart contract technology, irrespective of the format or style of social media content, the company said.

“The social media functionality incorporates the best features of multiple existing apps in a single app. ReelStar app’s payment functionality works through the built-in digital wallet that can store fiat as well as digital assets, such as, coins and tokens, including NFTs, and provides access to the global utility of a debit card and fiat currency,” the statement said.

Navdeep Sharma, co-founder, Reel Star, says, “Our app will provide global opportunities as well as a Web 3.0 passport to every creator and artist. Anyone with a flair for artistic creativity or a knack of entertaining an audience is warmly invited to join our platform.”

Liminal Collaborates With Metamask Institutional To Boost Institutional Crypto Adoption

Liminal, a digital wallet infrastructure platform, has announced a strategic alliance with Metamask Institutional, a global decentralised finance (Defi) wallet and Web 3.0 gateway for organisations, to drive institutional crypto adoption.

According to the company, Liminal users will now be able to connect their Liminal wallets at the click of a button with Metamask Institutional and use it just like they would use the de-facto Ethereum wallet app, i.e., Metamask with the added security of Multi-Sig and all benefits of Liminal wallets.

Liminal institutional users can now access and tap into the liquidity of numerous Defi dApps, it said.

Liz Mathew, global head of growth and partnerships for MetaMask Institutional, says, “Onboarding Liminal as a custodian under Metamask Institutional brings additional choice to Metamask Institutional customers and solidifies MMI’s position as the premier institutional wallet for Web 3.0.”

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