Latest Crypto News: CertiK Freezes $160,000 Worth Of Stolen Cryptos; Stripe Launches Onramp For US Web3 Users

Here are some major developments in the cryptocurrency space over the past few days
Latest Crypto News: CertiK Freezes $160,000 Worth Of Stolen Cryptos; Stripe Launches Onramp For US Web3 Users

Blockchain security firm CertiK froze $160,000 worth of stolen cryptos as the perpetrators tried to transfer them to Merlin decentralised exchange (DEX) in a ‘rug pull’.

ZkSync, which powers Merlin DEX, was the target of a malicious insider “rug pull” last week that cost its customers huge sums of money. On May 5, CertiK informed its 257,700 Twitter followers that it successfully froze $160,000 in stolen assets.

Stripe’s Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp for US Web3 Users

Online payment company Stripe launched a fiat-to-crypto onramp for US Web3 customers, including businesses. It will make buying and accessing cryptos easier for Americans.

Web3 firms will be able to offer a hassle-free crypto purchasing experience to US customers through onramp without relying on external exchanges, it said. It is expected that this simplified procedure will enhance American consumers' acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

French Mulls Allowing Influencers to Promote Registered Crypto Firms

In a new bill, the economic affairs committee of the French Senate has proposed allowing social media influencers to promote registered cryptocurrency firms on their platforms. The proposal, if passed, would change the way how they advertise digital currencies in France.

Surprisingly, the development comes months after the National Assembly banned the promotion of digital assets by influencers. The draft bill seeks to modify the earlier legislation to include firms registered with France's Financial Markets Authority (AMF). As per the changes, these firms can hire influencers to advertise their products and services.

Nigeria’s Blockchain Policy

The Nigerian government has approved a national blockchain policy to promote blockchain-powered transactions and data sharing. In a statement, the government said a multi-sectoral steering committee will oversee the policy’s implementation, and direct relevant regulators to develop regulatory instruments for blockchain deployment across various economic sectors.

INX Launches Wallet Management Solution

The INX digital company launched a pilot “enterprise-level” wallet management solution for regulated security tokens in collaboration with crypto custody service provider BitGo. Crypto news reported citing INX that institutional investors like venture capital funds will have “the highest standards of wallet management” through BitGo's policy management solution, encompassing spenders, viewers, approvers, and administrators. 

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