Into The Dynamics Of India’s Start-Up Ecosystem

The Outlook Start-Ups Outperformers 2023 ranking deep-dives into the vibrant ecosystem of growth-stage start-ups, analysing parameters that influence every participant, be it the states, particular cities or the start-ups themselves
Into The Dynamics Of India’s Start-Up Ecosystem

The dynamic, ever-evolving world of start-ups is a fascinating one, which oscillates between two extremes: some ideas that turn into market disruptors and others that fade away into oblivion. As a rapidly growing start-up hub, India’s stakes are high in this wide world of emerging business, where gritty entrepreneurs seek out fame and fortune and investors look for that one unique idea they can bet their money on.

What does this world look like up close? Over the past few months, The Outlook Group and its partners worked tirelessly to prepare exhaustive rankings and reportage of the world of growth-stage start-ups in India and its state- and city-level ecosystems.

The result is the Outlook Start-Up Outperformers 2023 rankings. The focus is on growth-stage start-ups, because this is the phase where success is determined by the right mix of ingredients that include, but are not restricted to, a strong idea, a sustainable business model, funding, conducive business environment, policy support and the founder’s perseverance and focus.

Which are the reigning market leaders and why do they command that position? Which are the emerging sectors and the forces to reckon with? Unbiased data and its analysis can help key stakeholders spot the gathering clouds and their silver linings from afar and answer these questions.

Watch out for the November 2023 issue of Outlook Business, where we give you a lowdown on the start-up ecosystem in the country, its journey over the past few years, its growth trajectory and much more, all backed by exhaustive data-driven analysis. Our analyses are supported by in-depth study of performances across parameters like funding, knowledge edge, business environment, human capital, etc.

And do not miss incisive commentary on all aspects of start-ups from industry leaders, like Ritesh Agarwal, Kunal Bahl, Ananth Narayanan, Prateek Maheshwari, Sanjay Nath and others as they touch upon topics like the importance of positive unit economics, role of mentors, impact of B-school education and of interdependence within the start-up sphere, among others.

Join us in the conversation with information technology minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, as he expresses confidence in the potential of India’s start-ups and reiterates the government’s inclination to ensure unhindered growth of the start-up ecosystem.

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