India, US Putting People At Centre Of Technological Revolution: Eric Garcetti

U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti says that India and the U.S. are working together to create a new vision of technology that will connect and protect people. He was speaking at the 'The TechSurge India Summit'.
US and India
US and India

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti on Wednesday said India and the US are putting together a different vision of technology that will connect people, protect them and address some of the biggest challenges facing the two countries.

Speaking at the 'The TechSurge India Summit', Garcetti said India and the US are putting people at the centre of technological revolution for the betterment of society.

"So, in contrast to that vision of harm and division and of unhealthiness, the United States and India are putting together a different vision of technology. Technology that, instead of dividing us, connects us," he said.

According to Garcetti, technology, instead of making us less healthy, detects for us some of the biggest challenges, and addresses them.

The two countries do not have an additive, or arithmetic relationship, they have a multiplicative, an exponential relationship, he emphasized.

"There are no two nations on this globe who together can do this work better, fill each other's weaknesses with the other strengths, and show a model of what it means to do with democratic values that put people in the center of this technological revolution," he said.

Noting that the bridge between the US and India is trade and technology, the ambassador also appreciated India's leadership during the G20 summit for empowering the voice of the Global South.

The G20 Summit was held in Delhi on September 9 and 10.

Garcetti pointed out that India has built a 5G system, while reducing the price of data by 90 per cent that can enrich the quality of life and connect people.

"Don't just become tech idealists; but be tech realists, making sure that it’s human-centered technology, and not technology-centered technology," he suggested.

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