How Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' With Music Paved Way For Entry In World's Billionaire List

Taylor Swift, known for her chart-topping music and widespread influence, has entered the billionaire space with a whopping net worth of $1.1 billion
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been making waves lately, hitting the headlines once again as she recently entered the exclusive billionaire club according to Forbes. With a staggering net worth of $1.1 billion, Taylor Swift, the beloved singer behind hits like 'Bad Blood,' and 'Love Story' has once again given Swifties a reason to break out the confetti and celebrate in style.

What's worth noting here for Swifties is how she achieved this feat solely through her music career, without diving into other business ventures like cosmetics, alcobev and the like.

Adding Tunes To The Career

The American singer and songwriter has built an entire empire around her music. Be it through her magnificent concerts or her legal battles against big music labels, Swift has established herself as a formidable music personality. 

She is one of the few singers who took up a fight against dominant music labels for ownership rights and re-recorded all her songs. While this was a risky move for the singer, the result was that her re-recordings surpassed the originals in performance. For instance, as per reports, Swift's re-recording album '1989 (Taylor's Version)' became the first re-recording to outperform the original. In its first week, Swift's re-recorded album sold 1.6 million units, nearly 400,000 more than the original's debut in 2013.

Meanwhile, her latest tour, the Eras Tour, has been a big hit. News Corp reports indicate that the American singer is earning an astonishing $27 million per three-hour performance, translating to $150,000 per minute or $2,500 per second.

How much has the singer donated?

Beyond her music career and the wealth generated through her tunes, Taylor Swift has a strong commitment to philanthropy as well.

In addition to founding music institution, she also helped a student in clearing out education loans. 

She pledged $1 million to support Louisiana flood relief efforts after devastating floods affected thousands of homes and contributed $1 million to aid recovery efforts in Middle Tennessee following tornadoes. She has also supported survivors of sexual assault by donating to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Finding other 'sweet spots' for her empire

Besides her music career, Taylor Swift also owns a rich real estate portfolio in prime locations such as New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville, and Rhode Island.

Earlier this year, numerous reports highlighted how her concerts gave a positive push to local economies. Some even coined the term 'swiftonomics' to describe it. Taylor Swift has perhaps made a name beyond the world's billionaire list.

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