HDFC Mutual Fund Launches #LaxmiForLaxmi, A Missed Call Advisory Service For Women Investors

In the #LaxmiForLaxmi initiative, financial experts will educate women on financial self-reliance and address general queries that women investors may have.
HDFC Mutual Fund Launches #LaxmiForLaxmi, A Missed Call Advisory Service For Women Investors
HDFC Mutual Fund Launches #LaxmiForLaxmi, A Missed Call Advisory Service For Women Investors

For this year’s International Women’s Day, HDFC Mutual Fund has announced an end-to-end women-led financial empowerment initiative #LaxmiForLaxmi. HDFC Mutual Fund will connect women investors to a woman financial expert near them through a missed call service. The woman financial expert will guide and address queries of woman investors, such as why and how to invest in a mutual fund, benefits of systematic investment plans (SIPs), etc.   

The initiative is based on the fact that it is easier for a person to understand a concept when it is taught by someone who comprehends them and is like-minded. This is a financial empowerment campaign for women through which the fund house aims to support women investors in becoming financially independent while making mutual fund investments more accessible to them. 

This initiative is an extension of the fund house’s investor education campaign, #BarniSeAzadi, which was started to encourage women to free their money from traditional savings methods and invest in mutual funds so that their investments get a better chance to grow. The campaign is aimed at moving money saved traditionally in barnis (earthen vessels used to store pickles or ghee), lockers, etc. and moving it to financial instruments like mutual funds that give higher returns.  

According to the press release from the company, the campaign received a positive response from across the country and restated the significance of conscious effort to create financial understanding. Campaigns such as #BarniSeAzadi reiterate the importance of focussing on financial awareness for women.   

“Women have always had a knack for saving money and offered unexpected support during times of adversity. However, simply keeping money in traditional instruments rarely earns enough to keep up with inflation. Thus, through our #LaxmiForLaxmi campaign, we aim to empower women to understand investment avenues better and benefit from them,” Navneet Munot, CEO of HDFC AMC, said in the statement.  

All investors, but especially women, should try to understand the nitty-gritty of financial planning early enough so that they can save and invest appropriately, which will help in creating wealth and becoming financially independent.  

The number to call for such advice is 73581-12345. 

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