HDFC Bank launches Regalia Gold Credit Card: Know Rewards And Other Benefits

The HDFC Bank has launched the Regalia Gold Credit Card, which is its latest entry into the 'Super Premium' credit card category
HDFC Bank launches Regalia Gold Credit Card: Know Rewards And Other Benefits

HDFC Bank has announced the launch of Regalia Gold Credit Card, its latest entry into the 'Super Premium Category' of credit cards. A Regalia Gold credit card will be available to high-income individuals. HDFC bank is targeting a wide range of potential customers such as travellers and lifestyle enthusiasts.

“The card is packed with Best-in-Class Travel and Lifestyle benefits, allowing customers to redeem rewards for global travel and on a collection of premium brands via the exclusive Regalia Gold catalogue,” the bank informed.

"Regalia Gold provides a one-stop solution with a host of exclusive offers and benefits as well as access to global travel facilitators, airport lounges, and curated benefits on lifestyle brands,” said Parag Rao, Group Head - Payments, Consumer Finance, Digital Banking and Information Technology.

Cardholders can redeem rewards on global flights, hotel stays, air-miles they have accumulated, and on a selection of premium brands available through the Regalia Gold catalog.

Benefits Offered

HDFC Bank informed that the Regalia Gold credit card is offering a privileged travel experience with Club Vistara Silver Tier Membership and MMT Black Elite Membership. Silver tier membership at Vistara offers priority in wait list clearance and check-in. It also allows 5 kgs of extra check-in baggage within and outside India.

Further, HDFC Bank says that the card extends global airport lounge access, priority pass membership, and complimentary airport cab vouchers.

Regalia Gold credit card also aims at rewarding everyday indulgences by providing five times the reward on purchases from fashion e-commerce websites such as Myntra, Nykaa, M&S and Reliance Digital.

For every Rs 150 spent, the bank extends four times the reward points subject to certain conditions. The credit card also provides several luxurious milestone benefits. Credit cards usually offer milestone benefits when you reach certain spending milestones within a specific period.

The cardholder can have a maximum of two flight ticket vouchers free every year if he reaches the stipulated annual spending milestones. Vouchers from Marriott hotel are also available if the credit card holder can reach the quarterly spending milestones. HDFC bank feels that after a hiatus that was imposed by COVID-19, tourism numbers remain strong and lifestyle expenditures are on the rise.

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