Google Eyes Rolling Out Premium AI-Powered Search Functions, Says Report

Google is considering to upgrade its search engine with AI features alongside a monetization model for premium AI-generated content

Google has no plans to be left behind in the AI race. This has prompted the tech giant to introduce AI-driven search functionalities. The widely-used search engine is reportedly considering to monetize select premium content generated by AI.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Alphabet Inc, Google's parent company, is looking to restructure its business model, which could involve placing some of its core products behind a paywall.

If this move comes into play, it will be Google's first step to monetize its key services. While the traditional search engine would remain free for all users, they might still come across advertisements alongside their search results.

However, for now, the company stated that it doesn't have anything to reveal. As per the report, the company is exploring the possibility of integrating some AI-driven search functionalities into its premium subscription services. These services already provide access to its latest AI assistant named Gemini, which is Google's equivalent of the popular Gen AI tool, ChatGPT.

In any case, it would be wrong to perceive that the road to AI integration will be an easy one, as Google has had its fair share of struggles in adapting to the AI revolution.

Earlier this year Gemini, Google's text-to-image tool, caused a stir as it mistakenly produced images that were biased and historically inaccurate.

However, Google continues to wear the crown of the most-used search engine in the digital space.

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