Google Address Descriptor Launch From India In 2024, Brings Live View Walking Navigation

Google Address Descriptor Launch From India In 2024, Brings Live View Walking Navigation

Google Maps revolutionizes navigation in India with the 2024 launch of Address Descriptors and Live View Walking Navigation, enhancing real-life address understanding and VR directions.

Google Maps will launch address descriptors from India early next year, marking its first global launch from the country, a senior company executive said on Tuesday.

The descriptor will include the nearest landmark and the direction from there to the location shared by a map user.

"We are introducing a new India-first innovation, Address Descriptors on Google Maps, to help our users understand addresses better, in a way they are used to in real life," Google Maps VP and GM Miriam Daniel said.

She said that the feature will be launched early next year across India.

Daniel announced the launch of Street View walking navigation which will show directions using virtual reality imposed on the real images of buildings or pathways that users will come across while walking.

"Live View walking navigation is coming to over 3,000 cities and towns in India, starting with Android," she said.

The feature is already available in several countries overseas.

The company will also super impose Lens in Maps to help people know about shops and their businesses which on the way during the walk.

" Lens in Maps will be launching in 15 cities across India by Jan 2024, starting with Android," Daniel said.

Google will also launch fuel-efficiency-based route feature to India.

"By January next year, users across India will be able to access this feature for four-wheelers as well as two-wheelers, offering more sustainable alternatives. India and Indonesia will be the first countries in which we’re rolling out this feature for two-wheelers," Daniel said.

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