Did Cash Get Stuck In A Bank ATM? Here's How To Solve The Problem

Many people may have experienced situations when money gets stuck in a bank ATM. But nothing to worry about; here is the solution.
Did Cash Get Stuck In A Bank ATM? Here's How To Solve The Problem

Grusha Khanna, 26, who works at a Delhi-based company, narrates her ordeal after her money got stuck at an SBI ATM recently. "It was 7 pm; by then, banks were already closed. So, I visited the branch next morning with the withdrawal slip. But I received the money in the next 5-7 working days," says Khanna. 

But you could face other issues while withdrawing money. Here are some of them and their possible solutions.

1. What to do when money gets stuck in an ATM?

If cash gets stuck midway in the shutter of the machine, there's not much you can do immediately except give a gentle pull to get them out. But applying force beyond a point could destroy the notes. 

You may try another withdrawal to get the shutter running again. If the cash doesn't fall through the gap, yank the money out when the shutter is still open.

Irrespective of the outcome, inform your local bank branch about the incident. 

2. What to do when money gets debited from the account, but ATM does not dispense cash? 

First, lodge a complaint at your bank branch. Note all the details about the ATM. Record the exact time, date, and location, take a screenshot of the transaction message, and be sure to keep the receipt of the debited amount. Generate digital records of your bank statement too. 

Banks are mandated to re-credit the amount to the customer within five days. "They are liable to provide compensation of Rs 100 per day for delay. The customer can take recourse to the banking ombudsman within 30 days of receiving a reply from the bank or in the case of no-reply," says S. Anand, the CEO and co-founder of PaySprint, a fintech company focussed on next-gen neo-banking solutions.

3. What to do when the card is broken in an ATM? 

If your debit card breaks during an ATM transaction, inform the bank immediately to block the card and apply for a new one.

There are multiple ways to apply for a new card. For example, you can apply through mobile banking or net banking. "Traditionally, it has been done by calling customer care or visiting your local bank branch. Choose the process most convenient to you," added Anand. 

4 What to do when ATM does not accept your card?

Sometimes ATMs can reject a card for multiple reasons, which include inadequate funds, mistakes while entering details, expired cards, suspicious transactions, etc. Although each case warrants specific actions, at least ensure you correctly entered the card details or expiration date in the ATM. 

5. What to do if the card is inserted incorrectly?

Some people don't know how to insert a card in an ATM machine. If the card is wrongly inserted, it will likely get stuck in the ATM. So, first, ensure the transaction is cancelled. Most ATMs now have a button under the card slot, which you should press to dislodge a card.

But if the ATM isn't fitted with the button, the bank can retrieve the jammed card upon intimation. Call your bank's 24x7 helpline to inform them about the incident and provide relevant information like transaction, location, time, etc. Visit a bank branch to escalate the issue if required.

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