China Slams U.S. Restrictions On Semiconductor Exports, Citing Trade Barriers, Says Report

China has criticised the US for imposing stricter rules on semiconductor exports, arguing that this move will increase trade barriers
 Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Industry

China has condemned the increased restrictions imposed by the United States on semiconductor exports, arguing that they have intensified trade barriers and added to the uncertainty in the chip sector.

The West recently amended regulations, under Biden, to impede China's access to American artificial intelligence chips and chipmaking equipment, as per a report by Reuters. The move is also set to limit Beijing's advancement in semiconductor manufacturing.

According to sources cited in the report, the recent action taken by the US is seen as a significant disruption to the mutually beneficial collaboration between Chinese and international businesses. This move is perceived as undermining their rightful interests and rights.

China has strongly condemned this development. Last October, the United States implemented regulations prohibiting exports, impacting companies such as Nvidia and AMD amidst the ongoing dispute.

The new rules and regulations aim to prevent the export of advanced AI chips designed by companies like Nvidia to China. This action is part of Washington's efforts to address concerns about China's growing tech sector, amid fears that it could bolster Beijing's military capabilities.

These regulations, spanning 166 pages, provide clarity on various aspects, like the extension of restrictions on chip exports to China also encompass laptops containing these chips. The Commerce Department has stated its commitment to continuously updating restrictions on technology shipments to China. This ongoing process aims to strengthen and refine the measures over time.

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