Banking Facilities That Are Available To Senior Citizens, Differently-Abled

The Reserve Bank of India has made it mandatory that a number of basic banking services should be made available to you at home if you are older than 70 years of age. Read on to know more

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has repeatedly called upon banks to provide senior citizens and pensioners with priority services as a means to ease banking operations for these category of customers. The RBI’s policy of prioritising services also covers people with physical disabilities.

So, if you are above 70 years old, you can receive certain basic banking facilities at your home. 

For instance, Punjab National Bank (PNB) provides door-step banking services across all branches to senior citizens within a range of five kilometres. To avail this facility though, the customers’ mobile number should be registered with the account. Additionally, he/she must self-register for doorstep services, for which he/she can request the bank to visit him/her at home. This is a one-time activity.

RBI has also stated that banks should arrange to have cash or cheque picked up from the home against receipt. It will also deliver cash withdrawn from the account or demand draft drawn on your account to your home.

Most importantly, you can also submit your know-your-customer (KYC) documents and pension life certificate to the bank from the comfort of your home. The bank may charge you a fee for the service though, in accordance with its policy. For instance PNB charges Rs 100 for services other than life certificate pick-up. The life certificate pick up charge is Rs 60.

Incidentally, the RBI had also asked co-operative banks in 2022 to offer doorstep banking services to senior citizens on account of the large number of senior citizen fixed deposits these urban co-operative banks hold. Further these banks have to also automatically convert fully KYC compliant account into ‘Senior Citizens account’ on the basis of date of birth available in their banking records.

“Banks are advised to provide a clearly identifiable dedicated counter or a counter which provides priority to senior citizens and people who are differently-abled, including visually-impaired persons,” the RBI said in an official notification.

“Banks are advised to provide senior citizens and differently-abled persons with Form 15G/H once in a year (preferably in April) to enable them to submit the same, where applicable, within the stipulated time,” the RBI notification added. 

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