Apple Faces Tough Competition As Samsung Leads Global Smartphone Market Again, Says Report

Apple witnessed a nearly 10 per cent decline in smartphone shipments in the first quarter as the company is facing tough competition from Android brands

Apple witnessed a dip of nearly 10 per cent in smartphone shipments in this year's first quarter. This was largely due to heightened competition from Android brands as per data gathered by IDC.

According to a report by Reuters, global smartphone shipments rose by 7.8 per cent, hitting 289.4 million units from January to March.

Samsung, on the other hand, emerged as the leading phone maker surpassing Apple, which has a market share of 20.8 per cent.

After a robust performance in the December quarter where it surpassed Samsung to become the world's leading phone maker, Apple saw a downtrend in its sales figures. It has now slipped back to the second position, holding a 17.3 per cent market share.

Meanwhile, China-based Xiaomi held the third spot with a market share of 14.1 per cent.

According to IDC, Apple shipped 50.1 million iPhones in the first quarter, a decrease from the figure recorded during the same period of last year. A

As China's economy continues to face inflationary pressure, Apple's smartphone shipments in the country declined by nearly 2.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year.

As per the report, this decline in the figure also highlights the difficulties faced by the American company in its third-largest market. Some Chinese firms and government bodies have restricted the usage of Apple devices among employees. Notably, similar measures were taken by the U.S. government, which has imposed restrictions on Chinese apps citing security concerns.

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