Apple Considers Integrating Google's Gemini AI Engine Into iPhone, Says Report

Apple considers integrating Google's Gemini engine into iPhone, to enhance upcoming features in its software

Google's Gemini AI engine may soon be integrated into Apple's iPhone as discussions for the collaboration are currently under review. This news comes after the AI model faced massive criticism for its input generation.

Both companies are currently in talks to enable Apple to license Google's Gemini, as per a report by Bloomberg, to enhance upcoming features in iPhone software this year. Sources cited in the report also mentioned that Apple has been in discussions with OpenAI and is considering using its model.

As AI continues to deepen its roots, companies globally are actively seeking out fresh options for its adoption and integration.

In a recent statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company is planning to reveal more details later this year about the utilisation of generative AI. He highlighted that Apple is making 'significant' investments in this field.

According to the report, Apple is gearing up to introduce fresh functionalities in the upcoming iPhone iOS 18, by leveraging its own AI models. However, the company is actively searching for a partner to enhance generative AI features, such as image creation and essay writing based on basic prompts.

Apple and Google currently have a standing agreement where Google serves as the default search engine on Apple's Safari web browser.

However, the agreement has faced regulatory scrutiny, as people allege that Google engaged in anti-competitive behavior. This included accusations of Google unlawfully paying significant sums to Apple and other partners to ensure its search engine became the default option on most phones and web browsers, thereby stifling competition.

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