Apple Asks Employees To Stay Silent On Radiation Problems In iPhone: Report

The Apple iPhone 12 model debuted in 2020
iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Apple Inc has reportedly asked some of its staff remain mum on issues of radiation in its iPhone 12 models. The company found itself in the middle of a controversy when the French government asked it to stop selling the iPhone 12 as it contains electromagnetic radiation higher than the European Union's standards.

The employees were also asked to deny any requests for exchanges or returns if the item was purchased more than two weeks earlier. The employees were told that they must tell customers that their products go through extensive safety testing, in the event they inquire about the safety of their phones, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The radiation levels of the iPhone 12 were determined to be greater than the EU threshold but still considerably below than what is deemed dangerous, according to France's digital minister. He said that a software update would be sufficient to resolve the problem and predicted hearing back from Apple in two weeks.

Apple has countered these claims and has said that they would work with the French government and prove the handset to be compliant.

According to Counterpoint Research, Apple managed to sell more than 10 crore units of the iPhone 12 within its first seven months on sale.

Meanwhile, France's neighbouring country, Belgium has also raised concerns over the health risks related to iPhone 12. Similar concerns have been flagged in the Netherlands and Germany as well.

The issue has come up at a time when Apple was already in the process of phasing out the iPhone 12 models. The controversy may also affect the American tech company's newest line of smartphones, the four variants of iPhone 15.

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