Anthropic Launches Claude Chatbot, Eyes European Market with Subscription Plans

Anthropic launches Claude chatbot along with subscription plans in Europe, amidst strict regulations to expand user base and revenue
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

AI competition might reach new levels as a US-based AI startup, Anthropic, has reportedly launched its Claude chatbot along with its subscription plans in Europe. EU is a relatively tough market to crack due to regulatory challenges. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, the AI startup's core software product has already gained traction in industries such as finance and hospitality in Europe.

CEO Dario Amodei said that Anthropic's partnerships with cloud computing giants like Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google will help in complying with the stricter regulations around data usage, for businesses operating within the European Union.

“Our cloud providers are known for very strong security,” Amodei said. “We’re well-positioned from a data security and privacy perspective.”

Anthropic, much like its counterparts in the AI industry, has positioned itself as a proponent of responsible and ethical AI development.

The company has shifted its focus towards catering to corporate clients. However, CEO Amodei chose not to disclose any information regarding the demand for its paid subscription tiers up to this point.

As Anthropic introduces similarly priced subscription plans in Europe, it will face competition from existing players like OpenAI. On the domestic front, local rivals such as Mistral, are also present in the AI space. 

Earlier this year, the EU had passed the AI Act, the most comprehensive legislation addressing technology. While slightly softened from earlier drafts with aggressive policies, it imposes regulations on AI developers such as Anthropic. These rules mandate the use of cybersecurity measures and disclosure of model details and risks. For larger AI systems, the regulations will get even stricter. 

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