Amazon Layoffs Hit Again: Pharmacy Division Employees Feel The Heat Of Job Cuts

Small number of staff members from the Amazon Pharmacy division have been let go
Job Layoffs
Job Layoffs

Amazon continues layoffs, as the company has terminated employees within its pharmacy business unit. According to Amazon, a small number of staff members from the Amazon Pharmacy division have been let go. 

Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser, in a statement to CNBC mentioned that like many businesses, they are constantly working on improving their processes for quality and efficiency to enhance the customer experience. 

Amazon made the decision to adjust resources, resulting in the elimination of a few positions within the Pharmacy section of Amazon. The spokesperson clarified that the affected roles were from the Amazon Pharmacy team.

Amazon has laid off many employees this year, with CEO Andy Jassy revealing that 18,000 job cuts were made previously, followed by 9,000 employees in India across various business sectors, and functions, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), human resources, and support functions. 

Amazon is not the only tech company reducing its workforce this year. Other tech giants have also been reported to be firing employees. Microsoft recently fired 275 employees, in addition to the 10,000 people who were asked to leave earlier in the year. 

Microsoft confirmed the layoffs in a statement to GeekWire, stating that organizational and workforce adjustments are necessary and are part of managing the business correctly. Microsoft also emphasized its commitment to investing in strategic growth to support customers and partners in the future. 

As per the experts, it is a new kind of trend in which companies are not firing a lot of people in bunches; they are doing it in small numbers. More like doing it in phases and trying to limit the number of people laid off in double digits. 

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