6G In India: What Is Bharat 6G Vision Document That PM Modi Unveiled?

PM Narendra Modi has unveiled a vision document for rollout of 6G in India by 2030
6G Technology.
6G Technology.

India’s rollout of 5G has barely begun but plans to develop and deploy 6G network and technologies by 2030 are already underway. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Bharat 6G Vision Document and launched the 6G research and development test bed. The document will be key in boosting the faster adaptation of new technology in India. 

India plans to identify priority areas for research by involving stakeholders including industry, academia and service providers spanning theoretical and simulation studies, proof-of-concept prototypes and demonstrations and early market interventions through start-ups, the vision document states. 

What Is 6G?

It does not exist right now, but it is conceived as a far superior technology promising internet speeds up to 100 times faster than 5G. India just launched 5G, like 6 months back, which at its peak can offer internet speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, at the same time, 6G promises to offer ultra-low latency with speeds up to 1 terabits per second. 

As per the vision document shared by the Prime Minister, 6G use cases will include remote-controlled factories, constantly communicating self-driven cars and wearable smart talking inputs directly from human senses. Along with growth 6G will support a lot of sustainability as most of the 6G supporting devices will be battery powered, added the document. 

What Change It Will Bring For The Users?

Since, 6G will be able to support high data rates of 1 terabits per second; it means that a 6G user will be able to download more than 100 films in per minute, simply put. In addition, 6G will be able to use cases like digital twins, holograms and truly immersive extended reality applications, among many other features. 

It is considered as the first technology to offer integration between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, which means that one device will be able to function across several technologies. It will connect billions of machines and devices and will bring a big revolving change in bringing the virtual and physical world together. 

Roadmap For 6G In India

The Modi government plans to implement 6G in two phases, and it has also appointed a apex council to oversee the project and deal with issues related to standardisation, identification of spectrum for 6G usage, finances for research and development, create an ecosystem for system among many other things. 

As per the document, the apex council will facilitate and finance research and development, design and development of 6G technologies by Indian start-ups, companies, research bodies and universities.

A key focus of the council will be on new technologies such as Terahertz communication, radio interfaces, tactile internet, artificial intelligence for connected intelligence, new encoding methods and waveforms chipsets for 6G devices, added the document. 

In Phase 1, support will be provided to explorative ideas, risky pathways, and proof-of-concept tests. Further, ideas and concepts that show promise and potential for acceptance by the global peer community will be adequately supported to develop them to completion, establish their use cases and benefits, and create implementation IPs and test beds leading to commercialization as part of Phase 2. 

As per the document, Bharat 6G Mission is fully aligned with the national Vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and it seeks to empower every Indian to become Atmanirbhar (selfreliant) in their lives. It also ensures that India takes its rightful place in the world as a leading supplier of advanced telecom technologies and solutions that are affordable and contribute to the global good. 

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