5G Subscriptions in India Set to Reach 65% by 2029, Says Ericsson Mobility Report

5G subscriptions will be close to 5.6 billion by the end of 2029, as per research estimates cited by the Ericsson Mobility Report

5G in India is expected to make up nearly 65 per cent of all subscriptions by 2029. This will mark a massive jump from the current 10 per cent level. This projection comes at a time when the bidding for the country's 10th spectrum auction has already kicked off.

As per a report by Ericsson, the number of 5G subscriptions is projected to reach around 840 million by the end of 2029. It also pointed out that 5G subscriptions in the country had already reached the 119 million mark last year.

"The June 2024 Ericsson Mobility Report shows continued strong uptake of 5G subscriptions. Enhanced Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access are the leading use cases, with signs that 5G capabilities are influencing service providers’ Fixed Wireless Access offerings. The report also highlights the need for increased deployment of 5G Standalone technology to fully realize the potential of 5G,” said Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks, Ericsson.

India's total mobile subscriptions might hit 1.3 billion figure by 2029. This jump in numbers comes as 5G technology witnesses increased adoption among users. The trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

"Researchers estimate that 5G subscriptions will be close to 5.6 billion by the end of 2029 - with global 5G population coverage beyond mainland China set to double from 40 percent at the end of 2023 to 80 per cent by the end of 2029," the report added.

India, quite evidently, is moving towards more advanced mobile networks at a rapid pace, as both the number of mobile users and their usage continue to increase.

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