3 Insurance Covers To Add Extra Protection To Your Car This Monsoon

The monsoon is just round the corner. Equip your car with the right insurance cover to enjoy a hassle-free ride this rainy season.
3 Insurance Covers To Add Extra Protection To Your Car This Monsoon

It’s that time of the year again, when rain lashes against the windshield, the roads get flooded with water, and cars get stuck in traffic. Such hazards can very well damage your vehicle, too. 

In times like this, a good insurance policy – one that has a comprehensive insurance, covering own damage as well as third-party liability – would come in handy. A basic insurance cover will not provide protection against any hazardous condition due to rain or other such calamity. 

While car insurance policies with standard as well as comprehensive coverage provides cover against accidental damages, those caused owing to manmade disasters, natural calamities, and so on, do not provide coverage for specific problems, such as engine damage due to waterlogging, tyre burst, and breakdown, among others. So, when you raise a claim, they get rejected. In such cases, these covers as usually available as add-ons and you need to purchase them separately to get your car protected from engine damage, car breakdown, among others. 

Says Rakesh Goyal, director, Probus Insurance Broker: “Waterlogging and flood type situations adversely impact the vehicles. Many times, having a normal cover is of no use, as engine not working due to the flooding is not covered under the comprehensive plan. Also, insurance companies don’t pay a depreciation amount on the replacement and repair of parts. In order to protect the vehicles, policyholders should buy engine protection cover, spot assistance, and depreciation cover. All such covers are add-ons in nature, and policyholders can buy it with their existence policy to protect their vehicles from any damage caused due to rain or floods.” 

So, here are three ways in which you can make your car ready for the monsoon season: 

Engine protection cover: Flooding could severely damage your engine, and in the absence of a requisite insurance cover, one will have to shell out huge sums towards repairs. Cars with low ground clearance are more at risk of suffering engine damage in waterlogged street. Do note that insurers typically provide engine protection as an add-on cover. 

Roadside assistance: This cover offers the car owners with roadside assistance in case of a breakdown. This is a likely scenario if a vehicle stalls while wading through a waterlogged road, and you cannot even step out to check under the bonnet. It is here that a roadside assistance cover will come to your aid. You could add these riders to your existing insurance plan and even reach out to your insurer for getting you a mechanic or a tow-away for taking your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Cover for consumable: A comprehensive car insurance policy wouldn’t provide any cover for the cost of consumables, such as engine oil, nuts and bolts, grease, washers, among others. An add-on policy could help you and your car with the extra boost during the monsoon season.

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