24.12% of Indian Crypto Investors Are Stressed, Says Report

Almost a quarter of Indian crypto investors are anxious about their investment, according to a recent report by Coinkickoff.com
24.12% of Indian Crypto Investors Are Stressed, Says Report

A recent report by Coinkickoff.com, a crypto research firm has revealed that 24.12 per cent of Indian crypto investors are anxious about their investment.

Others who seem to be more worried belong to the United Arab Emirates (30 per cent), Poland (28.3 per cent), and Ireland (28.2 per cent). The study involved citizens from the 131 countries where cryptocurrency can be bought and sold.

Incidentally, Dubai, at present, holds Asia’s largest convention for virtual currency investors. The UAE has grand ambitions to become a worldwide innovation centre and the first to operate their economy via Blockchain , using Emirati-owned coin EmCash as the mechanism

Nevertheless, there are worries that the UAE’s proactive attitude contrasts with the conservative regulatory tactics of the West, with uncertainty over the impact this may have on global markets.

According to the report, within the US, investors in New Mexico (33.1 per cent), Vermont (30.4 per cent), and Wyoming (29.9 per cent) are among the most stressed about their crypto cash.

Investors in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (30.7 per cent) are the most stressed about their cryptos’ performance. High levels of digital currency owner stress can also be found in Warsaw, Poland (29.8 per cent) and Cairo, Egypt (29.4 per cent)," according to the report.

Owners of Axie Infinity (AXS), the report added, were most worried about their purchase of cryptocurrency. A huge 32.8 per cent of tweets AXS reflected sentiments surrounding stress. The currency lost 99 per cent of its value in a crash in February 2022.

According to the report, with the popularity of Bitcoin and other currencies on the rise, residents of America’s towns and cities will be keeping a closer eye on how the market performs.

The study found that residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico, were the most stressed, with 32.6 per cent of anxious tweets about crypto – higher than those in Tucson, Arizona (30 per cent) and Portland, Oregon (28.2 per cent).

“Investing in crypto can still be the stressful business in the world’s major cities. Despite its reputation as one of the world’s most crypto-friendly towns, investors in Amsterdam are the most anxious, with 30.7 per cent of tweets about virtual currencies containing stressed sentiment,” according to the report.

The report further highlighted that transactions are far more spread out across the world, with emerging markets like Vietnam and Nigeria leading the way for crypto investments.

Major cities are catching up with trends and introducing new infrastructure to make them more crypto-friendly with Bitcoin ATMs and retailers who accept alternative payments.

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