Top 10 Mutual Funds For SIP In Flexi Cap Category

Flexi cap funds offered 39.19 per cent returns to investors by investing in large, mid, and small cap stocks. We pick top 10 mutual funds in this category.
Mutual Fund, SIP, 
Flexi Cap
Mutual Fund, SIP, Flexi Cap

Investing in flexi cap funds seems a highly promising option now, as it offered an impressive average return of 39.19 per cent within just one year. SIP investors can consider this category, as it is one of the asset categories that has the largest number of investors. There are 34 schemes in this category with total assets under management (AUM) amounting to Rs 3.36 lakh crore, shows the AMFI data as on March 19, 2024.

Through SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, a regular investment route to mutual funds (MF), you can save frequently, a regular amount in a month or a quarter and can earn good returns through flexi cap funds.

What Are Flexi Cap Funds?

Flexi cap funds are equity mutual funds that invest across large, mid, and small cap stocks, offering more freedom in allocation decisions to fund managers.

The only stipulation is they must invest a minimum of 65 per cent of assets in the equity & equity-related instruments. For investors planning for long term investing, OutlookMoney has compiled the top 10 funds in this category.

Top 10 Mutual Funds In This Category

Bottom 5: Rank 10 to 6

Shriram Flexi Cap Fund yielded a three-year return of 19.28 per cent ranking 10 in this list and has the smallest daily AUM of Rs 80 crore. Union Flexi Cap Fund showcased steady growth across tenures and offered a three-year return of 19.93 per cent. HSBC Flexi Cap Fund recorded a three-year return of 20.54 per cent. Edelweiss Flexi Cap Fund showed a commendable performance, achieving a three-year return of 20.85 per cent.  Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund comes next with 22.38 per cent returns at rank 6.

5. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund: At number 5, the fund has the highest AUM with Rs 59,146 crore. It gave a three-year return of 22.61 per cent and a whopping 55.73 per cent in one year (third highest among flexi cap funds).

4. HDFC Flexi Cap Fund: The fund posted a notable three-year return of 26.38 per cent. Its performance is reflected in its AUM, as the second biggest fund in this list with over Rs 49,000 crore.

3. JM Flexicap Fund: This fund ranks number three recording a three-year return of 26.71 per cent. With a steady growth trajectory, this fund seems to have attracted many investors as it has the second highest AUM of Rs 49,811 crore.

2. Bank of India Flexi Cap Fund: This fund saw the second-best performance registering 27.84 per cent return over the last three years. But most notable this fund ranks number one when it comes to one-year returns.  Despite this competitive performance, this fund maintains very small AUM compared to its peers.

1. Quant Flexi Cap Fund: Quant Flexi Cap Fund has been the top performer over the last three years, returning 33.99 per cent. There aren't any funds even trailing closely behind this fund. The fund also has the second highest one-year return of 55.88 per cent. Investors in this fund also enjoyed good performance the best in this list over past five years, 30.04 per cent.

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