Around 50 Lakh New SIPs Registered In February; Mutual Fund Net AUM Touch Rs 54.4 Lakh Crore

February 2024 saw the Mutual Fund Industry's Net AUM cross Rs 54,54,214 crore, with a whopping 50 lakh new SIPs. The SIP AUM hit a record-high figure at Rs 10,52,566 crore.
Mutual Fund, SIP, 
Mutual Fund, SIP, AUM

With the mutual fund industry's net assets under management crossing Rs 54.4 lakh crore in February, close to 50,000 SIPs (49,79,431) were registered in the month. The SIP AUM hit a record high figure at Rs 10,52,566 crore for February 2024 compared to 10,26,996 crore for January 2024. Reflecting on February 2024 monthly data, Venkat Chalasani, Chief Executive, AMFI said, “ There is a surge in SIP accounts, totalling 8.20 crores with 49.79 lakhs new SIP registrations...Mutual funds are subject to the vagaries of the markets, and it is the industry's virtue to guide and safeguard the investments in the best possible way to eventually help the investor."

"These trends not only showcase that investors are evolving to being financially savvy but also highlight collaborative efforts shaping a landscape where smart investment practices are valued," Chalasani added.

Highlights Of AMFI February Data

Equity-oriented funds continued their positive inflows for the 36th month of Rs 26,865 crore higher than Rs 21,780 crore in January 2024.

Retail MF Folios (Equity + Hybrid + Solution Oriented Schemes) is also at an all-time high at 13,94,91,744 for February 2024 compared to 13,56,80,462 for January 2024. Among equity funds, the sectoral or thematic Funds category holding the largest number of funds, continues to be the category with the highest inflows at Rs 11,262 crores, followed by large and mid cap funds at Rs 3,156 crores in February 2024. The flexible cap fund category attracted the third-highest flows, amounting to Rs 2,613 crore.

A total of 22 schemes were launched in February 2024, in the category of both open-ended and close-ended schemes, raising a total of Rs 11,720 crores.

Liquid Funds continue to perform exceptionally well with inflows soaring from Rs 49,468 crore in January to Rs 83642.33 crore in February. ETF Fund inflows also saw a massive jump from Rs 571 crore in January to Rs 6461.67 crore in February.

Hybrid scheme inflows declined marginally to Rs 18,105 crore MoM. In February, the mutual fund industry saw a marginal dip in inflow via debt schemes from Rs 76,468 crore to Rs 63,808 crore (MoM).

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