Thursday, May 26, 2022
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High On Hydrogen

Issue Date : 01 May 2022

The Big Story

Shades Of New Energy

As the world searches for new forms of clean energy to meet carbon emission cut targets, India does not want to miss the green hydrogen bus. Its two richest industrialists want to create independent ecosystems to produce the new fuel. What does this mean for India’s energy security and net-zero targets?

The Big Story

India’s Global Ambition In Green Hydrogen

While the 2020-21 Union Budget gave hydrogen a push, India needs to ramp up manufacturing capability. Being an early adopter will help the country play an important role in green hydrogen’s global supply chain

The Big Story

Automakers’ Green H2 Challenge

First, Centre wanted auto companies to move from Bharat IV to Bharat VI, then it expected them to invest in EVs. Now it wants them to chase hydrogen-powered vehicles. Is the cost of a green India only to be borne by the auto sector?


Oil Of Great Import

India’s edible oil import bill has gone beyond the humongous figure of Rs 1 lakh crore. With the government pushing for domestic production, especially of palm oil, the sector has spawned a rivalry between a swadeshi Ruchi Soya and an imports-driven Adani Wilmar


And The Winner Is: Bezos, Ambani Or Biyani?

As Reliance Industries calls off the deal with Kishore Biyani’s Future Group after acquiring its stores at prime locations, the fight between two of the world’s richest men has taken another sharp turn. But is anyone really winning?


She-Movers Of India

Women taking up roles in unconventional spaces are not only breaking gender misconceptions but also bringing a new perspective to the workplace, especially in infrastructure projects of national importance


WTO Fights For Survival

The rise in the number of regional trade treaties and bilateral FTAs recently has left a question mark over the role and future of World Trade Organization


‘To Be An Authentic Leader, You Have To Embrace Who You Are’

Pune-born Laxman Narasimhan’s journey to become the CEO of multinational Reckitt is filled with life lessons. With Outlook Business, for the first time, he opens up about his childhood, the hustle and the struggles after he lost his father at 22


The Degree Of Talent

In the face of a tech talent crunch, India’s IT sector is staring at a tussle between talent and formal educational qualification. Who will win this round?


A Lankan Build-Up In India

As Sri Lanka grapples with an economic crisis owing to botched economic policies and unmanageable debt, alarm bells are going off in some states in India



The strategies of global dominance from corporates now come laced with climate consciousness. So when Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, two of the world’s richest men, compete for a bigger share of the hydrogen ecosystem, competition looks good

C'est la vie

India’s Digital Deluge

In his latest book Digital Leapfrogs: How technology is reshaping consumer markets in India, author Vijay Mahajan explores how the rapid expansion of affordable smartphones and data network access, led by Reliance Jio, has brought new orders of scale to the reach and influence of digital technologies in consumer markets

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‘Technology Has Strengthened First And Last-Mile Connectivity’

US-based ride-hailing platform Uber Technologies entered India in 2013, giving technology-driven mobility a substantial push in the country. As it nears the 10-year mark after having touched its 100th Indian city last year, Prabhjeet Singh, Uber’s India and South Asia president, shares five ways in which technology has changed mobility in India

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Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India

I always like to read about history to connect the past with the present and look towards the future, says Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India

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Made Of Clay

Patience and acceptance are what sculpting has taught Akshay Munjal, CEO, Hero Vired, as he turns to the craft for relaxation