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Toast To A New World Order

Issue Date : 12 April 2022


'5G Will Enable Remote Operation Of Equipment'

As the world becomes better connected with the onset of smart technologies, 5G–the fifth generation of cellular networks--is expected to create never-before-seen opportunities. Ankit Agarwal, Managing Director, Sterlite Technologies, talks about the five ways in which 5G will change our everyday lives:

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The Winning Club

Dileep Mangsuli, executive director, Siemens Healthineers, finds life’s meaning in golf as he takes refuge in the sport to de-stress

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Manabu Yamazaki - President & CEO, Canon India

When in India, Yamazaki loves to explore restaurants here and relish the local delicacies

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Art Under Climate Heat

Global warming has a direct impact on art conservation efforts. Museums and galleries in India are waging a war against climate change to defend their priceless collections and national heritage

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‘Rahul Bajaj Will Always Be Missed For His Distinctive Voice’

Through a series of personal interviews and anecdotes, author Gita Piramal in her latest book Rahul Bajaj: An Extraordinary Life.

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The Unabashed Critic

Rahul Bajaj was one of the loudest voices in the Indian business sphere that spoke truth to power—be it during his Bombay Club days or raising concerns about the current dispensation’s ability to take criticism. But there is a lot more to Bajaj that gets dwarfed before that bold personality. Walking the readers through the nooks and crannies of his personal and professional lives is author Gita Piramal in her latest book Rahul Bajaj: An Extraordinary Life. Here is an excerpt from the book:


Weary At Work

The knowledge worker is tired in office and searching for the elusive work-life balance. The government and corporates want to take better care of the employee to build a robust knowledge economy and avoid losing talent to developed countries. Can they succeed?


Business To Business In The Cloud

Modern FMCG B2B players gain from competitors due to cloud agility. Cloud companies are now taking this plus to smaller players and distributors


Waiting For Maturity In The Market

The sheer depth of India’s retail market will allow for the coexistence of traditional distributors and the new-age B2B distribution model


Investors’ Game

Funders seem undeterred by losses and low profit margins in B2B FMCG space, as they continue to invest in new-age B2B commerce companies. Are they eyeing profits at all?


‘FMCG Has To Innovate’

One of the major B2B players that has changed the terms of the fast-moving consumer goods business is Metro Cash & Carry.


‘It Is A Little Far-Fetched To Say App Ke Through Kranti Ho Jayegi’

India’s retail space is undergoing a churn it has not witnessed before.


Death Of A Salesman: An FMCG Tragedy In Two Acts

How Udaan and other modern B2B players are overhauling Indian retail with technology, innovation and predatory discounts, pushing the traditional distributor out of business

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‘Ukraine Crisis, Correction In Global Public Markets May Impact Investments Into India’

The developing Ukraine-Russia conflict is impacting global financial movement

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Make In America Challenge For India

After a decade of weak exports, India achieved a record in merchandise exports in FY22. Can Joe Biden’s plan to shift manufacturing back to the US be a dampener?

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‘Global Events Could Challenge Hegemony Of Dollar’

Will the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war change the idea of globalisation and sovereignty? Will the hegemony of the US dollar and its might be challenged? K.V. Subramanian, former chief economic advisor, weighs in. Edited excerpts:

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‘Globalisation, As We Know It, May Not Continue’

India’s chief economic adviser, V. Anantha Nageswaran speaks about the changing world order and the role capitalism plays in it. Edited excerpts:

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US Versus Them In A New World

Are Putin and Xi trying to displace the US from the summit of capitalist geopolitics through the Ukraine war? When capitalism is weakening, any global event involving China and Russia can pose a threat to the US hegemony

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As the US president reached out to Poland reassuring Europe of his country’s commitment to defend against Russian aggression...