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Reining In The Crypto Bull

Issue Date : 01 March 2022

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As the future of digital economy stares us in the face, governments across the world are still trying to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency to find ways of defining and regulating it

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India Has A Crypto Dilemma

As India emulates China in launching digital fiat currency, will the government’s attempts at controlling the crypto sector lead to stakeholder interests being caught in policy tangles?

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‘Proposed Crypto Tax A Blow To Young Investors’

It must be ensured that all exchanges operating in the country are also registered here, says Nischal Shetty, founder and CEO of the popular crypto exchange WazirX

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Tax Collector’s Crypto Conundrum

There needs to be a focused and consolidated dialogue between the government and the industry on these matters to ensure that there is clarity and a structured approach is devised to deal with cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and the like

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Cyber Net Of Crypto Criminals

Criminals are perpetually on the lookout for gullible victims—who are lax with cybersecurity—and view the crypto sector as the new golden goose

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Identity Caught In Chains

Most crypto exchanges in India insist on strict KYC compliance from investors even when the government makes no such demand. This raises the privacy question, which is built into the principle and technology of cryptocurrencies

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Power Hunger Of Crypto Miners

India’s crypto sector is nascent, but its stakeholders are already worried about the high level of energy consumed in the crypto mining process in an energy unequal country

She Rules The Digital Kingdom

The Indian woman consumer is forcing all—brands, social media, even experts—to take notice. She is shopping, learning, interacting in digital universe & owning it


‘Isn’t There A Male Founder?’

Ghazal Alagh, co-founder and chief innovation officer of unicorn Mamaearth, talks to Outlook Business about her journey and the challenges and gender bias she faced as a young working mother and why women should never give up 


Of, By, For Women

It is time for women to reach out, create their inner circle and start building their entrepreneurship journey. 


Disquiet In The Office

The transgender community is looking to find its feet in a business setting. Companies claim to profess inclusive policies, but acceptability in a corporate environment is a contentious issue

LIC 3.0 Tale Of Policyholders Vs Shareholders

With the state insurance giant gearing up for an IPO and amendments made to the LIC Act, a question mark dangles over policyholders’ interests

Growing Agritech, Stagnant Farmer Income

Cross-border ventures are the next big thing in agriculture technology, but benefits of a high-growth sector are yet to reach farmers’ bank accounts

Quick Rise Of Quick Commerce

Poised to become a $5 bn market by 2025, the quick commerce segment is currently an investor favourite. Is the 10-minute delivery business sustainable? More importantly, is India ready for it?


Rahul Bajaj Had To Roar Because Others Meowed

I do not know if we will ever have another bold, outspoken leader in the industry like Rahul, writes Arun Bharat Ram, chairman, SRF Limited

Pursuit of Happiness

The Wonder Chef

Wonderchef MD Ravi Saxena likes to fuse personal and professional with the food that he cooks often for his family, friends and colleagues


'Technology Has Made Audiowear More User-Friendly'

boAt Lifestyle CEO, Vivek Gambhir, throws light on the five ways in which technology has redefined the hearables and wearables space