Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Cracks In Federalism

Issue Date : 01 February 2022

Editor's Note


Supporters of federalism will illustrate how the idea has come under threat as the heavy hand of the Centre has limited fiscal autonomy of states, curbing their ability to make a more meaningful contribution to our development

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One Nation, Many Burdens

The GST system of indirect taxation completes five years in 2022, and it already seems to have caused cracks in the idea of fiscal federalism. States feel shortchanged at losing revenue year after year. Was it worth surrendering their taxation powers to a GST Council that tends to agree with the Centre?

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Limits Of Ad Hoc Fiscal Federalism

Efficient intergovernmental competition requires a measure of competitive equality so that one state does not pass on the burden of its schemes to non-residents. Unless this is ensured, the more powerful actors can ride over the rest 

Lead Story

The Whole Notion Of Federalism Is Broken, Says PTR

The Tamil Nadu finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan tells Kamalika Ghosh how the GST system can be tweaked in the interest of states


Hassled Companies, Upset CAs

Every year, accounting professionals and e-filing portals for income tax play a cat-and-mouse game at the time of filing returns

One Health Cure For Multiple Ills

An integrated approach to tackle health threats emerging due to human-animal environment interface can help save millions of lives and billions of dollars lost to diseases of animal origin

‘We Consider Private Companies Important Stakeholders On One Health’

As part of the One Health initiative, we are looking to reduce the incidence of diseases that can be prevented and are organising vaccination drives in critical areas, says Union minister Parshottam Rupala

Rise Of ReNew Power

Sumant Sinha has made ReNew Power not just the largest pure-play renewable energy provider in the country but also the face of India’s renewables globally

Giving ReNew Power A Sustainability Edge

If Sumant Sinha is the face of ReNew Power, Vaishali Nigam Sinha is the force that’s integrating sustainability with the company’s strategy and operations

Empathy Under Its Wings

Ixigo gets ready for an IPO, but being one of the last companies to be funded in the travel booking start-up space, survival was tough and often involved escaping near-death moments


‘Open Source, Customised Solutions Our Key Differentiators’

The public sector has typically lagged a bit behind the private sector in terms of adoption of newer technology and we are working very closely with the Indian government to change that, says Bikram Singh Bedi, managing director, Google Cloud India

Defused Spark

In 2015, Modi visited Tesla plant in the US, invited Elon Musk to make in India and created an EV policy. Musk chose China, but now wants India to facilitate imports. India disagrees

Have OTT Platforms Created Market For A New ‘Matinee Idol’?

There has been a revival of sorts for indie cinema on OTT platforms, whose reach has increased due to the Covid pandemic. The new hero stands in contrast to the Bollywood star


A Real Image Of The Real Economy

In his latest book, The $10 Trillion Dream, author Subhash Chandra Garg, former Finance and Economic Affairs Secretary, Government of India, does a comprehensive analysis of policymaking over the years while talking about how it can define narratives

Pursuit of Happiness

The Sound Of Music

Hero Lectro CEO Aditya Munjal’s passion for the piano not only helped him win over his wife but also lets him take a break from his work commitments

My Favourite

My Favourite

Jyotsna Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group, talks about how Sheryl Sandberg's books helped her get through some adverse times and how she can never get bored of watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


'Retailers Cannot Miss Millennials And Gen Z'

Retail major Shoppers Stop's MD & CEO Venu Nair shares five things old-school retailers can learn from ecommerce