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Changemakers Who Shaped 2021

Issue Date : 01 December 2021

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21 Changemakers

Outlook Business takes a look at 21 newsmakers of 2021. From corporates to common people, here are those that shaped the year



In a few months, March 2022 will mark two years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic

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The Real Nykaa

How Falguni Nayar turned a beauty and fashion e-commerce platform into the only profitable unicorn to be listed in India and, in the process, also became India’s richest self-made woman billionaire is one spectacular tale

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The Winning Story Of CoWIN

The CoWIN app played a vital role in the smooth functioning of India’s vaccination drive. We bring you its behind-the-scenes story

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India's Powerpuff Girl

Mirabai Chanu created history by winning a silver medal in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But it’s the story that’s behind that win is what’s most compelling

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From a micro-blogging site, Twitter became a place to seek and provide help during the second COVID-19 wave and played an exemplary role

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Heart Of Gold

In a year when COVID ravaged lives and livelihoods, Tata Steel led the way for corporates and showed them how business and benevolence can coexist

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The Joy Of Giving

Staying true to its founding values, Dabur India managed to breathe life into an oxygen-starved country while upholding its philanthropic strand in the face of a raging pandemic

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The Bowl Of Happiness

The Akshaya Patra Foundation emerged as one of the key food providers for scores of people during the past 20 months of the pandemic

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The Jab Of Life

Covaxin’s success proves that Bharat Biotech and Dr Krishna Ella’s efforts were on the right path and that it is time to wear the ‘Made in India’ badge more confidently

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The Unlikely Undertaker

For the past one year Abdul Rehman Malbari has been giving dignified burials to COVID victims — irrespective of their religion — even when their kin couldn’t

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A Tale Of Two Dreams

Shooter Avani Lekhara’s name will go down in history as India’s first woman who won a Paralympic gold. But the 20-year-old has one more dream to chase and is just getting started

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A Humanitarian Regulator

Through its progressive initiatives and relaxations, SEBI ensured that the Indian capital markets continued to expand and businesses kept growing even during the pandemic

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The Most Tagged Man

From personally ferrying people to hospitals to arranging for cremations to arranging for oxygen, Srinivas BV did whatever he could to help those suffering during the pandemic. His biggest regret: he couldn’t save everyone

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The Ambulance Couple

Himanshu and Twinkle Kalia are on a mission to not let anyone die on Delhi’s roads. They kept their promise during the pandemic

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Serving The Valley

Kashmir’s IMHANS was one of the very few hospitals in the world that continued to see patients in OPDs in the middle of a raging pandemic    

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Call Of Duty

The deadly second wave of COVID ravaged the lives of several aviation professionals but for them, the show had to go on

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The Langar Of Life

In April 2021, when people were left gasping for breath on the streets and outside hospitals, a gurdwara in Ghaziabad was providing a new lease of life to many

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The Braveheart

Years ago, Manjeet Kaur Bal selflessly quit her plush World Bank job to serve the people of Chhattisgarh. Her work during the pandemic helped save lives and made the state better prepared for the second wave

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Died, In The Line Of Duty

Dr. KK Aggarwal spent most of his time during the pandemic posting educational videos and helping the needy before succumbing to the deadly virus on May 17 this year. His legacy, however, lives on

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Moviemaker Or Messiah?

Manish Mundra is known for producing critically acclaimed films such as Masaan and Newton but not many know how he went all out to support people during the pandemic

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Getting His Hands Dirty

Over the course of the pandemic, the Indore Municipal Corporation has made a conscious effort to mechanise and organise sanitation, providing a protective environment for the city’s sanitation workers

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Jo Tik Gaya Wo Tikait

Rakesh Tikait successfully led the year-long farmer protests against the new farm laws, forcing the Centre to repeal them just ahead of the assembly elections 

The Humble Economist

Outgoing CEA KV Subramanian’s idea of capitalism is a marriage between the invisible hand of markets and dharma 

Pursuit of Happiness

Into The Wild

Parag Kulkarni, MD, AO Smith India, loves to explore the wild through the lens of his camera


The Economics Of Cooking

It is not everyday that a Nobel-winning economist writes a cookbook, so when Abhijit Banerjee does, you sit up and take notice 

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'Contactless Delivery Became A Big Part Of The New Normal'

Ketan Kulkarni, Chief Commercial Officer, Blue Dart on five ways how the pandemic altered the logistics industry