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The biker king diaries— Rajiv Bajaj & Siddhartha Lal

Issue Date : 01 August 2021

Editor's Note

Moving on…

 It has been a very gratifying journey filled with excitement and great many editorial accomplishments that I look back with a sense of awe myself

The audacity of Prashant Jain and the tyranny of the stock market

Eight years of pain and uneven performance later, he is back with a bang. He has defended his position, among the best fund managers, through it all

“The issue with unwinding of low interest rates is well understood but the outcome is not"

When everyone seems to be watching new economy rising stars, HDFC AMC's Prashant Jain is betting his money on old economy strong businesses 

Big Idea

Got an idea, Sirji?

With everyone hooked to OTT platforms, a Bengaluru-based start-up is on the hunt for great story ideas


Will small finance banks regain their mojo?

Just as euphoria was building around the banks, extended lockdown and poor collections came crushing in. The impact is now showing on their books


Ovenstory solves age-old dilemma

With 'The Standout Pizza', Ovenstory tackles the challenge that pizza lovers at loggerheads face — about choice of toppings, crust and cheese

Lead Story

"Business starts when the customer says 'No'"

Rajiv Bajaj Secret Diary - Part 2

Lead Story

“My ultimate ambition is to become 'nothing'”

Rajiv Bajaj Secret Diary - Part 3 

Lead Story

"Where you are placed in life is just luck"

Rajiv Bajaj Secret Diary - Part 1

How long can this loony financing continue?

Generous central bank intervention continues to distort the valuation of all financial assets


Has Salil Parekh put Infosys on a secular growth path?

Even as Infy’s growth is coming good under the new CEO, a third buyback could further improve return for investors