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Can India's manufacturing push be sustained with ‘PLIS’ and thank you?

Issue Date : 04 June 2021

Lead Story

Can the country’s manufacturing push be sustained with ‘PLIS’ and thank you?

With the second wave of Covid-19 pushing the economy into another downward spiral, the burden is now on the PLI scheme to revive growth


Baked to perfection or set to crumble? This small-to-blockbuster-IPO company is upping the ante

Mrs Bectors Food Specialities operates in a sweet but tough sector, and is now in expansion mode  

Pursuit of Happiness

Into the deep blue

Scuba diving gives Naveen Munjal, MD of Hero Eco Group a clearer vision of life

Graphically Speaking

PLIS: What’s it got

Here’s a measure of the scheme’s ambition, account of achievements so far, and a record of brickbats and bouquets 


How to get the ‘specialty chemistry’ right and make India, China’s plus one

India has already proved its worth in complex chemistry. But attracting more foreign investments will need fixes on the ground

Are food processing companies at an inflection point?

The extension of PLIS to food processing has cast the spotlight on companies operating in the sector. Here is a list of players who could be among the beneficiaries  

Is Zomato priced beyond perfection?

The food delivery major’s IPO is a final attempt to drum up cash in its elusive quest for profitability

My Favourite

Why today’s high-fliers are so likely to fall back to Earth

You can protect your equity portfolios by choosing to bias them toward value and away from the most expensive end of growth

Will AVT Natural Products be back in favour?

The low-key company with an established business model is banking on new ingredients to fire up its growth 

My Favourite

Kishan Jain

The director of Goldmedal Electricals cannot get enough of Switzerland — a country he believes is just perfect

The Good Life

Spiritual gluttony

Take a break from your regular desserts and lose yourself in world’s most decadent chocolates 


Disruption and chill

Founder and first CEO Marc Randolph tells the incredible story of how Netflix came to be