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Stocks for 2021

Issue Date : 07 May 2021

My Best Pick 2021

Safir Anand spots a mid-sized company with the right chemistry and catalytic circumstances

Valiant Organics has a strong product portfolio built on healthy financials, and capable promoters with skin in the game 

My Best Pick 2021

Harendra Kumar is sweet on a sugar mill that can make a heady blend

Balrampur Chini Mills, with its efficiency and strong market position, can make the best of a transforming sector 

Pursuit of Happiness

Recipes from a father to his daughter

Aceto’s Varun Vijay Rao’s YouTube channel where he showcases his incredible culinary abilities leaves everyone drooling for more 


“It is important to challenge the status quo and drive change wherever needed”

Ketan Patel, managing director, HP India on five ways to boost morale during tough times 

Graphically Speaking

Viral reset

The pandemic has changed the world economic order and India may need till 2023 to regain its ranking  


Endless grief

In the second wave of the pandemic, crematoriums are overflowing and even melting under the strain

My Best Pick 2021

What lessons would Schumpeter’s ghost have for us?

The virus has ripped through the financial services, banking and retail sectors like the proverbial gale, and portfolio optionality will prove useful 

My Best Pick 2021

Every crisis is an opportunity, if you are on the right side of equities

The asset class has delivered significantly higher return than risk-free alternatives, even through wars and market crashes 

My Best Pick 2021

The million-dollar question: Is investing a game of luck or skill?

The success of outliers are marketed well, to sell the virtue of the game. Do not be fooled 

My Best Pick 2021

Ambareesh Baliga is betting on a lesser-known breed that could beat the thoroughbreds

RailTel’s experience in providing telecom infra for the railway behemoth and its excellent record in execution are underappreciated 

My Best Pick 2021

ArunaGiri N is hot on a digital reinvention story

ENIL is a market leader that is rebuilding itself for a digital-first world, with a committed management and clean book 

My Best Pick 2021

Ekansh Mittal believes this seed company is turning into the right kind of ‘hybrid’

Kaveri Seed is diversifying into more profitable verticals, investing in crucial R&D and increasing its overseas presence 

My Best Pick 2021

Gautam Trivedi spots an opportunity in the making of an Indian MNC

SeQuent Scientific has recorded stellar financial performance in an industry with wide-moat, and now it has the guidance of a global PE firm 

My Best Pick 2021

Jigar Shah backs a biotech pioneer in the global shift towards cleaner fuels

Praj Industries is right in the centre of India’s bio-economy revolution and has earned an international reputation too 

My Best Pick 2021

Manish Sonthalia backs an engineering giant soaring on new-age wings

LTTS is a leading service provider for industry 4.0 and it has a sound client acquisition strategy 

My Best Pick 2021

Vikas Khemani points to an innovative company that has earned its ‘right to win’

Max Life has pioneered practices in the industry, which have helped it retain customers, and improve quality of its personnel and distribution 

My Best Pick 2021

Viraj Mehta trusts the toughness and bounce of a company that has seen many trials

Nocil has a significant market share in the domestic and global rubber chemicals industry, and is ready to ride the China-plus-one wave 

My Favourite

Sindhu Gangadharan

SAP Labs India’s senior VP and MD is a complete foodie who also enjoys street art tourism

The Good Life

Your home at your service

Control your home with just a click or the snap of your fingers with automation products and services from DEFT, Schneider and Puravankara


Mining liberation

Facing career turmoil, bills and an existential crisis, author Dan Conway turned to cryptocurrencies, risking it all in a bid to reinvent himself