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Why NTPC will put Adani Green in the shade

Issue Date : 23 April 2021

Lead Story

Can NTPC steal Adani Green’s thunder?  

The solar pageant is between two contestants – one is young and aggressive, and the other is staid and pragmatic


Private pandemic

Private hospitals have once again been asked to meet shortage in public healthcare system, despite the government having a year to improve its infrastructure


Musk, Mittal’s one small step in space is one giant leap of faith

Starlink and OneWeb’s satellite broadband holds promise, but beating telcos reach will be a moonshot 

Lead Story

Win customer love, not just satisfaction

Brands must work to gauge what their customers truly value and give them add-ons that delight them 

Graphically Speaking

Consuming with a viral difference

As COVID-19 continues to remake our world, it is changing our buying behaviours

Big Idea

Dealshare appeals to the bargain hunter in every Indian’s heart

Jaipur-based start-up has built a fast-growing business around our love for finding a good deal and sharing it with loved ones 

Liquidity infusion

Sterling & Wilson promoter Khurshed Daruvala sells 4.99% equity stake to reduce leverage 

Pursuit of Happiness

Wellness in backpacking

Healthcare Global founder chairman and CEO BS Ajaikumar finds bliss in the Rocky Mountains of western North America

The Good Life

RARE India and TOFTigers offer luxury and eco-friendly travel options

You don’t have to choose between being eco-conscious and luxurious when you travel anymore, with RARE India and TOFTigers

My Favourite

Sanjay Sethi

When not saddled with work, the CEO of Chalet Hotels likes to soak himself in the rich culture of Amsterdam


Crash course in being yourself

Lindsay Teague Moreno relives her entrepreneurial journey, and tells all women to break free of guilt of being called a bad mother or wife for following their passion


“Drive change like there is no tomorrow”

Daniel Mazon, MD, Philips India on five things a new CEO must focus on