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Techtonic 2021

Issue Date : 09 April 2021


“An ethos of partnership and collaboration enables success in the long run”

Rashesh Shah, chairman, Edelweiss, on how to foster an entrepreneurial culture in your organisation 

Techtonic 2021

The transformation to everything digital

The business of IT and the IT of business have reached a higher meeting ground. Where do they go from here? 

Techtonic 2021

Warehouses are no longer dark and dingy. They are edgy

These supply-chain nodes are evolving quickly. They are embracing cutting-edge automation and speed, to please the impatient customer 

Techtonic 2021

Industry 4.0: Factories that need no human

While fully autonomous facilities are still many years away, Indian organisations have taken a big leap towards it. These are exciting times! 

Techtonic 2021

“When we complete our five years, our road infrastructure will be equal to European and American standards”

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari fields questions on funding road projects and the hard job of reviving the MSME sector 

Techtonic 2021

These (store) walls have ears, and they can even read your mind

Emotion AI can transform retail, helping brands connect most effectively with customers. But, with more power comes more responsibility 


Not worth the wait

 With a surge in COVID-19 cases, economists are worried if the fragile recovery India has made will collapse under a new round of restrictions 

Techtonic 2021

Bots that can hire and fire are already here

Talent acquisition and management are getting faster, more thorough and more efficient using AI and ML. But there are ethical concerns 

Techtonic 2021

The COVID Paradox at work

The pandemic has slowed down the world but has accelerated change, and this is most visible in office spaces 

Techtonic 2021

Why going digital is no longer about just making your products or services accessible to customers online

From accommodating remote-working through artificial intelligence to exploiting new business opportunities arising out of a digital ecosystem, there is a lot to digitisation that we can expect

Graphically Speaking

The darkest hour

 India topped the global shame list for internet shutdowns and paid a heavy price for it  

My Favourite

Manish Sinha

The MD of Dun & Bradstreet India knows how to put his endurance to test, through a 100-kilometre walk

The Good Life

Slick wheels

Add a dash of luxury to your next road trip or event by availing the services of KTC India and Victoria Car Rental


What’s Left of Socialism

Economists and authors Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell go on a global bar crawl to prove that socialism might not be our savior from capitalism

Pursuit of Happiness

Born to Run

Prasun Sikdar, MD and CEO of ManipalCigna Health Insurance and an avid marathoner, believes the sport trains him in discipline and time management