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Is the Bad Bank a good idea?

Issue Date : 26 February 2021

"We are no longer a broking business; we are a tech business who is doing broking"

The co-founder of India's biggest stockbroking company on what differentiates Zerodha and the source of his 'edge'

"I stick with the Nifty as I feel governance is still a big issue in India"

Alternative Investment Fund True Beacon's CIO on why he does not invest in mid-caps and his investing approach

Lead Story

Why the ‘bad bank’ will solve the problem of bankers but not that of banks

The ARC-AMC looks like an attempt to do the impossible, as a distraction away from what really needs to be done  

Selling at the top

Bajaj Finance MD Rajeev Jain offloads stock worth ₹1.3 billion

Graphically Speaking

India’s junkyard awaits a smart policy

An efficient scrappage system can provide a boost to the auto industry and reduce pollution levels. But, it will be prohibitively expensive

Is there more upside in Tata Motors from its current price of ₹330?

The automobile major has seen a spurt in FY21 sales volume across cars and trucks. Will it sustain? 


Far from a free bird

Twitter has received multiple regulatory requests from the Indian government about the content it hosts on Farmers’ Protests

Big Idea

Infra.Market has managed to ‘Marie Kondo’ the messy business of construction

The Mumbai-based start-up is a full-service infra-tech company, running a marketplace, and even supplying its own brand of quality-assured material


Plain relief or pain relief?

Omnigel India’s latest ad nudges consumers towards choosing a lasting solution for body aches, over momentary relief


The Reliance-Urban Ladder deal is good news for Pepperfry — Or is it?

The dynamics of the online furniture retail market have changed dramatically. What’s in store for the players? 

Big Idea

Difficult roads are what led to the inception of the deep-tech start-up Roadmetrics

This start-up warns you of the tricky roads that could take you on a rollercoaster ride

My Favourite

Prashant Pitti

The ED and CTO of EaseMyTrip is smitten by Scotland — its mountains and its drinks

The Good Life

A class act

At schools such as Woodstock, Doon and Oberoi, your children are moulded into the best they can be, for a neat million rupees or more


Of cult and caution

Author Mike Isaac traces Uber and its notorious founder’s wild ride — from the bro culture to the failed IPO

Pursuit of Happiness

Rider In The Storm

Cycling, especially during monsoon, is what keeps HDFC Securities MD and CEO, Dhiraj Relli, at the top of his game


“If people are rewarded meaningfully, the entire organisation opens up and contributes”

Pramod Bhasin, founder, Clix Capital on how to instill an achievement-based culture