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Is there growth at the end of the tunnel?

Issue Date : 12 February 2021


Black gold is the new milch cow

Petrol and diesel prices are nearing Rs.100/litre in metro cities and nearly 60% of it comprises taxes

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India’s deliverance is in the details

The government has been nudging the economy towards growth since the slowdown. How effective have its interventions been? 

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The government’s spending spree is over. Now, watch that fundraising spree

It has set itself a big but achievable task. Now, its agility in marshalling resources and executing projects will be put to the test 

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In the capex waltz, the government has to lead

Private capex revival is slow with India Inc choosing to set its house in order, than chase growth 

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India’s flirtation with the dollar could be risky

The liquidity glut notwithstanding, the government’s plan to raise dollar debt will come at a price 

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Farm laws won’t ‘till’ the balance in farmers’ favour

The three controversial laws may do little to improve the lives of a large majority in the sector. A more nuanced approach is what is urgently needed 


“Allow teams to fail, but remember that people do not fail, plans and strategies do”

Ramesh Iyer, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra Finance, on five ways to delegate effectively 

My Favourite

Aashish Sommaiyaa

The CEO of White Oak Capital Management looks for interesting cities and likes to relax with gin and tonic

The Good Life

A bed of roses

Charm your dear ones with elegant and long lasting roses from One Roze and Endura Roses


Hero Economist

Journalist and author Binyamin Appelbaum narrates how economist Walter W Heller gained popularity in Kennedy's office

Pursuit of Happiness

Sparkle of love

Sanjay Dutt, MD and CEO of Tata Realty and Tata Housing, enjoys designing jewellery, especially for his wife