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Trends 2021

Issue Date : 18 December 2020

Editor's Note

The year that changed the game

Investor exuberance and market players’ caution are cancelling each other out 


Nothing much to talk about...

The Indian government is busy laying metro tracks, but people are not headed in that direction 

Graphically Speaking

Home is where the uber-rich reside

The City of Dreams has the highest concentration of those who have already achieved theirs  

Ten trends to look out for in the venture-funding industry. Because, as they say, follow the money

If you are interested in SaaS and edtech, start coding. If you are not, read on, there are other ways to get rich 


What is your top priority for next year?

With a digital-first focus, India Inc’s top bosses are gearing up for an action-packed 2021 


“People often talk about PMF or product-market fit. We call it as pandemic-market fit”

The pandemic has filtered out the second-bests in early-stage, according to Lightspeed India Partners’ Hemant Mohapatra 


“$20 billion could be spent in India every year on non-formal learning by indie entrepreneurs”

Elevation Capital’s Mayank Khanduja misses the chance encounters with start-up founders but is glad for unexpected opportunities


“We did our first investment where we didn’t meet the founder physically”

As more and more children log in for online coaching, Blume Ventures’ Sajith Pai’s bet on edtech seems on the money 


Peering into the New Year with a hope and a prayer

After battling an eminently forgettable 2020, CEOs gingerly gear up for 2021 


“50% of all CFOs say their CEO has pressurised them to change the numbers”

IMD Professor Didier Cossin on why the rise of stewardship is fundamental to the evolution of our society 


Why the rebound in the stock market is no reason to cheer

GMO’s James Montier tries to make sense of the the frenzied pullback in the US stock market and to him, it doesn't make any sense


“In a multicultural team, trust between members is crucial for knowledge sharing”

Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, Country Director, Thales India, on five ways to manage a multicultural workforce 

Where the rich are investing 2020

"Banks and NBFCs are approaching us to take over real estate projects and are willing to take 40-50% haircut"

An exclusive roundtable with India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business Upper Crest

The Good Life

An à la carte abode

Fill your dream house and make it your 'home' with the help of luxury furniture curators Beyond & More and Etre Luxe

My Favourite

Gurmeet Singh

Even though he isn't great at the sport, chairman and managing director of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India loves cricket and enjoys strolling on the streets of Florence

Pursuit of Happiness

Green ‘pen’chant

Marzin Shroff's cherished collection includes brands such as Monteverde, ST Dupont, Lamy, Lapis Bard, Sheaffer and Parker


One 'shrewd' blonde

Author and economist Allison Schrager shares with us lessons on risk management from the most unlikely places, like brothels