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India's best workplaces for women

Issue Date : 20 November 2020

Editor's Note

India Inc should take lessons from these outliers, so should Indian families

A few workplaces are moving towards equity for women and respect for their talent. Social groups should follow their lead

PVR is stuck in a long interval, but it is hopeful of a happy ending

The pandemic has bruised the multiplex business, but the biggest player might just defeat the airborne villain 

Graphically Speaking

Why cold chains are in hot demand

There is an urgent need for cold storage facilities across the country and COVID-19 just added its own twist

Lead Story

With the deliberate championing of women, India Inc thrives

A few companies have laudable diversity and inclusion models that pulls women back into the workforce and cheers them on


Wheels of change

Often pushed and shoved on Indian roads, the bicycle is slowly finding its way back


SHE LEADs: Easy way to remember a tough success formula

What India’s Best Workplaces™ for women do, to support, develop and retain women to lead organisations in India Inc

Big Idea

Disrupting higher education with common sense

In an era of digital dominance, the education system needs a massive overhaul 

Lead Story

India’s best workplaces for women 2020

Outlook Business and Great Place to Work® bring you the third annual listing of India’s Best Workplaces For Women*. Read on to know what these admirable companies are doing right 


Bubblewrap your home

Fenesta’s new ad campaign assures your cautious next door uncle of a spick and span house in his absence


“Break silos to create cross-functional and flat teams for greater agility”

BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and Executive Chairman, Cyient, on five ways to build an entrepreneurial culture 


Once shabby, Gokaldas Exports now wears a savvier, more moneyed look

The garment exporter had its closet turned inside out by the new management, who basically just went back to the basics 

Hoarding up cash

HDFC Bank’s treasurer Ashish Parthasarathy sells shares worth Rs.247 million as the stock rallies after its Q2FY21 results

“We don’t buy into stories… we don’t fall in love with stocks”

Investing has no place for emotions. It is all about skill and diversification plus a little bit of luck, says First Global co-founder Devina Mehra


Fall of a legend

Through lessons from Lights Out, India Inc leader D Shivakumar reminds CEOs that nothing in life is permanent

The Good Life

Setting the record straight on the old and rare 45s

Crystal clear music lies beyond your noise-cancelling headphones, pressed on classic vinyl records

Big Idea

Taking a moon shot

Plus-size apparel is here to stay, and Bengaluru-based The Pink Moon has bootstrapped its way into the market

My Favourite

Keshav Bhajanka

From strolling down the streets in London to curling up in his library to read mythological fiction, Keshav Bhajanka, ED of Century Plyboards is a man of wide-ranging tastes

Pursuit of Happiness

Strumming joy

The MD of PayPal India calls it ‘self actualisation’ — getting back to his childhood passion for music