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Investors, Sanjiv Bajaj aur COVID-19. Can their love last?

Issue Date : 23 October 2020


Harley-Davidson has left a trail of broken hearts. Who will mend and enrapture them?

The cruiser market is ripe for the picking, but the winner may be someone who knows how to price it right 

Editor's Note

The most expensive NBFC trusts the pandemic to separate the wheat from the chaff

Bajaj Finance has come through various crises unscathed, and the market retains its faith in it, despite some reservations

Cochin Shipyard has been sailing at full steam. Now, the weather is turning rough

The PSU is navigating a rough sea, and time will prove if it is the sturdiest sailor around  

Lead Story

Investors, Sanjiv Bajaj aur COVID-19. Can their love last?

Bajaj Finance has been an investor favourite but can they put the COVID stress behind and live happily ever after


The fine line between construction and destruction

The country is buried in debris, while its recycling is yet to pick up

Chronic profit

Eris Lifesciences promoter Himanshu Shah sells stock worth 968 million 

Graphically Speaking

Sailing through a storm

The shipping industry is in trouble, but there is a glimmer of hope in the deep sea 


Take a chill pill

Work from home can be stressful. Let PharmEasy make one chore easier for you

Start-ups sprinkle stardust over wishes, and mint money

They have set up websites through which fans and brands can get celebrities to indulge them 

Big Idea

Chitale Group’s success comes from a healthy mix of technology and tradition

Having crossed 12 billion in topline, the 80-year-old Pune group is planning to enter the big league 

IT stocks are in favour for the same reason that consumer staples seem to be out of favour

Growth predictability arising out of adoption of digital technology has pushed up valuation of software companies  

Pursuit of Happiness

Benetton India CEO falls into a happy trance few minutes into his morning run

Over the years, Sundeep Chugh has learnt how the early bird catches the worm

Big Idea

The key to everything

Ditch those access cards and entry registers. You could soon be entering your home, workplace and even hotel rooms with just your smartphone

My Favourite

Anil Valluri

India and SAARC president of NetApp loves unwinding with a game of golf or holing up in his audio library to listen to some vintage records

The Good Life

Smooth Sailing

With companies such as Navnit Marine and Ocean Blue bringing world-class yachts to the Indian coast, you wouldn’t want to holiday on land anymore


Scaling peaks

In his last book, economist Alan Krueger tells us what creates a superstar in any given field


"The discipline of going hard at the issue and soft on the person is important"

Porush Singh, Division President- South Asia, MasterCard on five ways to effectively manage conflict