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Can HUL win in the next decade?

Issue Date : 09 October 2020

Why Aarti Industries’ low-cost manufacturing and relationship with MNCs will power its growth

Customers have begun to prefer long-term contracts because they want supply security, reveals managing director Rajendra Gogri 

Lumax Industries’ headlamps have always been ahead of the curve

Its foray into LEDs will keep the auto-lighting supplier ahead of the competition, reckons CEO Vineet Sahni 

What’s happening at Coforge is more than just a name change

CEO Sudhir Singh believes his new team and an aggressive incentive structure could soon take the company to the billion-dollar mark 

How HUL hopes to keep up its pace of growth, despite downtrading

No country or company can grow in a linear fashion, but HUL’s 4G growth model will stand it in good stead, says CEO Sanjiv Mehta 


All that glitters is not gold, but Muthoot Finance does come close

The financier has seen galloping growth but managing director, George Alexander Muthoot, says the secret is not in the glitter 

Radico continues to work its magic at 8PM, more so in these tough times

Managing director Abhishek Khaitan is betting on a quality blend and premium positioning to put investors at ease 

Tata Consumer Products is not letting the slowdown slow it down

Under new CEO Sunil D’Souza, the FMCG major is adding distribution muscle to crank up its brand engine 

Market goes crazy over a few and ignores the ‘core’

A self-fulfilling prophecy has been playing out with quality companies attracting more inflows 

Is the current ‘polarized’ market, the new normal?

In a liquidity fueled environment, the textbook definition of ‘value’ has long ceased to exist 

Welcome to the Mad Hatters Party a.k.a investors going overboard on 'quality' companies

The market has been behaving erratically but amid the insanity here are some sane observations