Stocks, Mutual Fund Or Gold? Plan Your Investment As Per Your Zodiac Sign in 2024

Even though astrology and personal finance are two separate subjects, many people do look at the heavens above to guide them in making the best investment decision. The concept of proactive planning investment plans based on astrological signs has gained steam.
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As 2024 draws closer, people have started planning their investments in advance. It is the time to assess the passing year and set targets for the new one, depending on which you will decide your saving vs investment goals or whether you should go for gold or take the mutual fund (MF) route. Even though astrology and personal finance are two separate subjects, many people do look at the heavens above to guide them in making the best investment decision. The concept of proactive planning investment plans based on astrological signs has gained steam, and as 2024 approaches, this astrological-financial fusion becomes even more intriguing. Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist & Founder, NumroVani told Outlook Money that 2024 is going to be ruled by energies of number 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 synergistically combined with angel number energies of 2024, 20, 202, 24 and 8 among others. “A comprehensive assessment of the numbers active during the year as well as major transits during the year, the year warrants us to rely more on our own self-reflection and stay away from greed and self-reflection. The year will also witness newer peaks in stock market in India as well as domestic retail participation in stocks and MFs will see a jump during the year. The year of 2024, will also see jump in participation of family offices and other individuals towards start-ups investment and angel investing opportunities,” Kumaar predicted.

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar has shared the following Sun sign-wise advice for investment strategy in 2024: 

Aries (March 21-April 19) - The Maverick Investor: High-Risk, High-Reward Strategies

As the pioneer of the zodiac, Aries is renowned for its audacity and willingness to take chances. Your financial portfolio in 2024 can reflect your sense of adventure. Consider investing in high-risk stocks or innovative tech start-ups—enterprises where finance meets adrenaline. Invest your ferocious energy in risk-taking IT projects, clean energy projects, or creative start-ups. Accept measured risks and balance your portfolio with both safe-haven and high-growth investments. Avoid making impulsive decisions, particularly in August and October when Mars is retrograde.

Accepting Innovative Technology and Start-Up Projects

Your ferocious zeal in the field of invention might be well-suited for a leading company or the upcoming huge tech hit. Although these investments are risky, your innate boldness and ambition are reflected in them

Taurus (April 20-May 20) - The Methodical Investor: Seeking Stability and Growth

Taurus, you are drawn to investments that offer stability and consistent growth because of your earthy, grounded character. Your preference for investments that mature smoothly over time makes you the tortoise in the race. Long-term, reliable assets such as bonds, blue-chip stocks, or real estate allow your natural caution to bloom. Budgeting with discipline and laying a solid financial foundation are priorities for 2024. During eclipses, give debt repayment top priority and refrain from pursuing fast fixes.

Best Investments: Debt funds and blue-chip stocks

Your financial haven in 2024 may be the stability and consistent returns of blue-chip companies. Your decisions demonstrate your practical attitude, which aims to provide both security and reasonable returns.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) - The Versatile Investor: Diversification as a Mantra

Your dual nature, Gemini, loves change and adaptability. In terms of investments, this corresponds to a portfolio that is diversified. You're not the type to bank all of your chips in one place. Diversifying your interests across a range of industries, from communication and technology to healthcare and entertainment, will enhance your inquisitive mind. Adopt adaptable investing techniques, and don't be scared to change course when the right opportunity presents itself. Avoid making rash purchases and being overloaded with information.

Examining a Blend of Conventional Stocks and Cutting-Edge Businesses

Your curiosity may take you into the mysterious realm of new age enterprises as well as a blend of traditional stocks. This unique combination offers a balanced but thrilling investment path, satisfying both your irrational and whimsical sides.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) - The Intuitive Investor: Emotional Intelligence in Investing

Your best quality, Cancer, is your intuition. In 2024, follow your instincts and pursue fields that suit your nurturing disposition. When it comes to emotionally charged assets such as art, antiques, or companies that share your interests, your intuition can be a very useful advisor. Building long-term wealth for loved ones and family is encouraged in 2024. Avoid making rash decisions or let your emotions influence your judgment when there are moon eclipses.

Pay Attention to Environmental and Hospital/Healthcare Stocks

Investing in stocks related to healthcare or the environment may appeal to your protective and nurturing nature. These industries not only share your beliefs but also show promise for growth in a society that is becoming more environmentally and health-conscious.

Leo (July 23-August 22)- The Regal Investor: Luxury and High-Yield Investments

Leo, your financial decisions may be influenced by your appreciation of finer things in life. 2024 presents an opportunity for you to excel financially, with ventures as audacious and opulent as you yourself. When it comes to managing group investments or angel investing in promising enterprises, your innate leadership shines through. Pay attention to moral companies that share your beliefs. Use your charm to negotiate advantageous terms, but keep your focus from being drawn away by grandiose claims.

Interested in Luxury Brands and Entertainment Stocks

Think about the glamour and flash of show business, or the timeless appeal of stocks from luxury brands. These industries not only suit your regal preferences, but they also have the potential to yield substantial profits

Virgo (August 23-September 22) - The Analytical Investor: Precision and Detail-Oriented Approach

Virgo, you're a wise investor because of your attention to detail. You are drawn to meticulously considered investing ideas that have every aspect carefully considered. Research-driven investing is where your analytical mind shines. Take a close look at specialized markets, ethical ETFs, and mutual funds supported by data. You will be rewarded in 2024 for your careful planning and risk-taking. Refrain from allowing perfectionism or fear to consume you.

Index funds and mutual funds as wise investments

Mutual funds and index funds can be your ideal financial match in 2024. These choices provide you the opportunity to use your analytical abilities and offer protection through professional management and diversity.

Libra (September 23-October 22) - The Balanced Investor: Ethical and Socially Responsible Investing

Libra, you strive for equity and balance in all aspects of your life, including money. Investing ethically and socially conscious may be your specialty, allowing your capital to assist organizations and causes that share your ideals. Your amiability and tact shine through in cooperative ventures or alliances. Look into angel investment groups, collaborative enterprises, and socially conscious funds. When making financial decisions, give ethical and equitable concerns a high priority. Steer clear of emotional blackmail and peer pressure.

A Balanced Combination of Bonds and Stocks

You may achieve the balance you want with a well-balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds, especially from firms that are reputable for their moral business practices. In addition to helping you reach your financial objectives, this strategy improves society.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) - The Intense Investor: Pursuing Growth and Transformation

Scorpio, your fervor and zeal have the potential to be strong motivators in the financial sphere. Investments that offer significant growth and transformation pique your interest. Your knack for research shines when it comes to finding hidden treasures in cheap stocks or obscure industries. Accept measured risks and have faith in your intuition. Just keep in mind that ethical investment does not tolerate deception or power struggles.

Putting Money Into High-Growth Industries and Emerging Markets

Think about exploring nascent areas or industries that have the potential to grow exponentially. In these dynamic areas, your intuitive flair for finding hidden jewels could lead to profitable discoveries.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) - The Adventurous Investor: Global Opportunities and Risks

Sagittarius, you're a great fit for overseas investment prospects because of your sense of adventure and broad outlook. By 2024, you will have a wealth of markets to choose from and the globe at your disposal. Your spirit of adventure searches for unorthodox routes. Investigate alternative financial options such as peer-to-peer lending, crowdsourcing, and cryptocurrencies. Accept the risk, but keep your wits about you and resist the temptation to overspend on vacation-related purchases.

Foreign Stocks and Investments in the Travel Industry

Your positive attitude and passion for travel may be reflected in global equities or the expanding travel sector. These industries provide both the possibility of large profits and an air of adventure.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) - The Prudent Investor: Long-Term Goals and Steady Growth

Your ability to be goal-oriented and focused makes you a strong player in the investing arena, Capricorn. You are aware of the benefits of compound interest and the necessity of patience.  High-yielding investments such as venture capital, commodities, or growth-oriented firms are ideal for your ambitious ambition. Under Saturn's influence in your sign, embrace measured chances all year long. Just keep in mind that endurance and flexibility are necessary for success.

Retirement Plans and Investments in Real Estate

Long-term investments that align with your pragmatic and forward-thinking style are retirement funds and real estate. These options are in complete harmony with your financial philosophy, offering stable growth and stability.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) - The Visionary Investor: Emerging Technologies and Innovations

Your inventive and forward-thinking nature directs you toward the investments of the future, Aquarius. You don't mind taking risks where others are hesitant, particularly when it comes to innovative technologies. Your foresight steers you toward cutting-edge, forward-thinking ventures in fintech, artificial intelligence, or green technology. Accept non-conventional methods and question the status quo. Just keep in mind that innovative concepts require a strong base in investigation and evaluation.

Tech Start-ups and Renewable Energy

Particularly alluring are the fields of renewable energy and software companies, which combine innovation with the possibility of making a big difference. Your investment might help to create a future that is more tech-driven and sustainable.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) - The Artistic Investor: Compassion and Creativity in Choices

Your sympathetic and artistic disposition affects the investments you make, Pisces. You look for possibilities that align with your creative and humanitarian goals in addition to providing returns. Your compassion and understanding open the door to sustainable wealth creation and socially conscious investing. Look at community-driven projects, green bonds, and impact funds. Your ethical concerns and generosity will be rewarded in 2024. But resist giving in to manipulative tactics or emotional appeals.

Putting Money Into Non-Profit Organizations and the Arts

Putting money into the arts or non-profits can be rewarding and will support your goal of changing the world for the better. This strategy enables you to reconcile your ethical and creative principles with your financial objectives.

Disclaimer: The above article is for information purpose only. Please consult financial/investment experts before making any investment decision.

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