Father's Day: 5 Reasons Why A Financial Plan Is the Best Gift

Father’s Day: Tax-efficient estate planning is crucial for several reasons beyond merely reducing tax liabilities. It helps to preserve the wealth accumulated throughout one's lifetime.
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By Krishan Mishra,

As Father's Day approaches, it's a perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways we can show appreciation for our fathers. Beyond traditional gifts, here are 5 reasons why a comprehensive financial plan is a perfect plan on this Father's Day.

1. Quality Of Life 

A well-structured financial plan can significantly enhance your father's quality of life. It does not only organize his finances but also helps him set clear and achievable goals, so he can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without the burden of financial stress. According to the Global Value Of Financial Planning Consumer Study 2023, structured financial planning creates interest and involvement in life, gives people a sense of meaning and purpose, helps them to cope very well with any health issues and makes them feel positive and optimistic about their lives. One right approach to managing money can lead to a more fulfilling and stress-free life for your father, allowing them to focus on what they truly enjoy.  

2. Financial Confidence After Retirement 

Preparing for retirement is one of the most important aspects of financial planning. A personalized financial plan provides a detailed roadmap for building a sufficient retirement fund. This ensures that your father will be able to maintain his desired lifestyle even after he stops working. As per the Global Value Of Financial Planning Consumer Study 2023 released in 2023, 90% of the people who were advised by certified financial planners felt financially confident that they had enough money for their retirement. With the right financial plan in place, your father can confidently look forward to a secure and comfortable retirement. This assurance is invaluable, offering peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy his golden years. 

3. Financial Satisfaction And Peace Of Mind 

Financial planning eliminates uncertainty about the future, providing satisfaction and peace of mind. By setting realistic financial goals and sticking to them, your father can forget about his financial health. A financial plan gives a sense of success in sticking with financial strategies, gives day-to day cash flow confidence, and there is no risk management as they already have insurance and an emergency fund in their wealth creation. This process not only reduces stress but also helps them to make smart decisions about their money. Knowing their financial well-being allows them to focus on enjoying life and spending quality time with their loved ones. 

4. Help Him With Legacy And Estate Planning 

Tax-efficient estate planning is crucial for several reasons beyond merely reducing tax liabilities. It helps to preserve the wealth accumulated throughout one's lifetime. By minimizing tax obligations, more assets can be passed on to heirs. It also protects the financial security of the family. Proper planning can guarantee that loved ones are taken care of financially in the absence of the estate owner. This process also reduces conflicts between heirs and gives the satisfaction of knowing that their legacy will be valued and respected. By helping your father prepare his legacy, you honour his hard work and ensure that his contributions reach the people he valued most. 

5.Maximizing His Investments 

A thoughtful financial planning involves developing investment strategies to increase wealth.  Financial planning and smart investments can help to achieve the best results and meet long-term life goals. Maximizing returns on investments is a great way to put your father’s money to good use by increasing his disposable income. A well-managed investment plan can increase one's financial security by providing more support for current and future needs. 


Effective financial planning can give your father a better quality of life, greater financial security, and peace of mind. By helping him with estate planning and maximising his investments you help to build a solid financial foundation for him.  These are ways to not just show your love and gratitude, but also ensuring his continued happiness and financial security. So this father’s day choose wisely what might be the best gift for him! 

Krishan Mishra
Krishan Mishra

(The author is CEO of FPSB India. Views expressed in the above article are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of the Outlook Media Group or its employees.)

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