Highest-Ever Inflow In Equity Mutual Funds, Net AUM Touches Rs 58.91 Lakh Crore: AMFI Monthly Data

In May 2024, equity mutual funds saw their highest inflow of Rs 34,697 crore. As many as 49.7 lakh new SIPs were registered during the month.
Highest-Ever Inflow In Equity Mutual Funds
Highest-Ever Inflow In Equity Mutual Funds

The mutual fund industry saw a record inflow into the equity category inflows of Rs 34,697 crore in May 2024, up 83 per cent from the previous month. Flexi-cap funds saw the highest inflow in the equity category with Rs 3,155 crore apart from the usual highest-grosser thematic mutual fund at Rs 19,213 crore. The total inflows into open-ended equity mutual funds were on a decline over concerns of KYC woes of investors with Rs 18,917 crore worth of inflow in April and Rs 22,633 crore in March 2024. It seems the tide is reversing with monthly data released by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) on June 10, 2024.

Key Details From AMFI Monthly Report

The net assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry touched Rs 58.91 lakh crore by the end of May 2024 up 57.25 lakh crore in April. As many as 49.7 lakh new SIPs were registered during the month. The SIP AUM stood at an all-time high at Rs 11.52 lakh crores for May 2024 compared to Rs 11.26, lakh crore for April 2024.

The number of mutual fund folios stood at an all-time high at 18.59 crore in May 2024 out of which 14.89 crore folios belong to retail investors. A total of 9 open-ended schemes were launched during the month raising a total of Rs 10,140 crores.

The arbitrage funds outshined other categories in hybrid funds with a whopping inflow of Rs 12,758 crore. On the fixed income front, substantial inflows worth Rs 42,294 crore were posted out of which Rs 25,873 came from liquid funds

Venkat Chalasani, Chief Executive, AMFI said, "The Mutual Fund Industry continues its upward trajectory. The net flows in equity-oriented mutual funds, took the segment past the Rs 25 lakh crore mark, to close at their record high of Rs 25.39 lakh crore in May 2024. The Net AUM grew 1.65 Lakh Crores over the previous month. An all-time high record of Rs 20,904.37 crores in SIP contribution, a peak of 8.76 crore SIP accounts, and 39 months of positive equity inflows highlights that the industry is set for continued expansion."

"Political stability creates an environment conducive to sustainable economic growth, attracting investments and fostering long-term investments. Global growth is sustaining its momentum in 2024 and is likely to remain resilient, supported by a rebound in global trade. The overall outlook for Indian capital markets remains positive, supported by strong fundamentals, and favourable demographics," Chalasani added.

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