72% Women Take Investment Decisions Independently, Invest More Than Men, Says Axis MF Survey

Axis Mutual Fund’s Women Investment Behaviour Report 2024 revealed 72 per cent of women investors make investment decisions independently. Here are the other insights from the survey
72% Women Take Investment Decisions Independently, Invest More Than Men, Says Axis MF Survey

A large number of women investors are now making investment decisions independently. Women, on average, are also investing greater corpus in mutual funds than men, and for longer durations, according to a recent nationwide survey by Axis Mutual Fund.

For the survey, titled Women Investment Behaviour Report 2024, Axis Mutual Fund analysed data from over 10 million of its customers. Findings revealed that around 72 per cent of women investors are currently making investment decisions independently. Approximately 75 per cent of these women were between the ages of 25 and 34, and 70 per cent were in the age-group of 35-44 years.

As a category, women, on average, invested 37 per cent more money in mutual funds compared to men. Also, they preferred long-term investing, as they were keen on achieving financial autonomy and growth, the report said.

Other Insights From Axis Mutual Fund Survey Report

Here are the other insights from the survey.

Better Persistency: On average, women invested 37 per cent more money than men in mutual funds. According to the survey, women have a long-term perspective, and, therefore, they tend to persist with their mutual fund investments 22 per cent longer than men, when taking the five-year tenure into consideration.

Embracing Digital Future: In just five years, the proportion of women investors in Axis Mutual Fund using fintech channels has skyrocketed from 14 per cent to 55 per cent. Coupled with educational initiatives, these platforms have enabled women with the knowledge to make savvy investment choices, the report said.

Investment Preferences: Women in B30 cities (beyond the top 30) also showed a preference for traditional investments, such as fixed deposits and gold, apart from mutual funds. Conversely, their counterparts in T30 cities (beyond the top 30) are embracing newer investment avenues, such as mutual funds, stocks, and even start-ups, the report said

B Gopkumar, managing director and CEO, Axis AMC said: “The mutual fund industry is undergoing a dynamic shift, as more people, particularly women, embrace investing in mutual funds as part of their financial strategy. Our research into the investment patterns of Axis Mutual Fund investors reveals that women constitute 30 per cent of Axis Mutual Fund customer base and hold 35 per cent of the total assets under management (AUM).”

Ashish Gupta, chief investment officer (CIO), Axis AMC said: “Women participation in the investor base is rapidly rising with demonstrably high independence and increased sophistication. They have a data-driven approach and have quickly adopted digital tools for their investing. Their focus on long-term goals and consistency drives impressive investment outcomes for them. The fact that our 2.2 million women investors have made an average gain of over Rs. 80,000 speaks volumes about their growing financial acumen.”

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