Future Generali Launches Women-Centric FGII HEALTH POWHER Insurance Plan; Know Features

Future Generali launched FGII HEALTH POWHER, a health insurance plan tailored for women. Read on to learn the features of the plan and also the women's health plan survey cited by the insurer.
Future Generali Launches Women-Centric FGII HEALTH POWHER Insurance Plan
Future Generali Launches Women-Centric FGII HEALTH POWHER Insurance Plan

Private insurance company Future Generali launched a woman-centric health insurance plan FGII "HEALTH POWHER" today on March 7, 2024. After the launch of the plan, it released a survey suggesting evident disparity in existing health insurance plans, which claimed that 75 per cent of women felt existing health insurance policies fall short of addressing women-specific needs. According to Future Generali, 74 per cent of women who own or intend to own health insurance do not participate in decision-making regarding their plans, citing a recent survey carried out by Unomer among 600 women across India. Among them, 80 per cent of women were aged between 21-35 years.

Around 75 per cent felt that current policies fall short of addressing their unique requirements. Also, the insurer claims that 94 per cent of respondents felt that a comprehensive health insurance plan tailored for women would enhance their involvement in the purchasing process.


Future Generali introduced HEALTH POWHER, a women-centric health insurance plan and claimed it would cater to the diverse needs of women at a different stage of their lives because of some differentiations from traditional plans.

It boasts enhanced limits for female cancer treatments, coverage for puberty and menopause-related disorders, Coverage for infertility treatment & Oocyte cryopreservation and stem Cell Storage

Additionally, HEALTH POWHER offers comprehensive wellness programs, a lumpsum benefit for newborn defects, nursing care, and senior care covering bone strengthening injections, joint injections etc. Further, the plan said it gives OPD focus on physical & mental well-being with the reinstatement of mental illness benefit to 200 per cent. Enhanced maternity benefits with the inclusion of Antenatal cover is another feature of the plan.

Value-added services such as annual health check-ups, preventive care packages, fitness diet and nutrition programs, and gynaecological consultations among others are also featured in the plan.

Despite women comprising half of India's population, only about 30 per cent of them aged 15-49 were covered under health insurance between 2019-2021, according to data from the National Family Health Survey India report, the insurer reminded.

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