Two-decade paperless journey

NSDL over the past two decades has build up strong digital payments ecosystem
Two-decade paperless journey
Two-decade paperless journey

The inaugural address by G. V. Nageswara Rao, MD & CEO, NSDL, was an eye-opener as to how the company over the past two decades was instrumental in launching several initiatives that we today take for granted. Securities depository, PAN issuance and now even Aadhaar card issuer, all of this was possible due to a scalable technology orientation.

Not only have these initiatives been instrumental in cost effectiveness, they have also made life less stressful for scores of consumers who otherwise had to maintain and keep track of their financial records. The recent announcement of education certificates being digitised is the next NSDL project. The payment bank licence that NSDL has got is yet another area which could transform lives of several unbanked and under-banked Indians.

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