NASSCOM To Head Deep Tech Pavilion At Start-Up Mahakumbh, Showcasing 34+ Indian Deeptech Start-Ups

Pavilion discusses Patient Capital, Investor Connect, deeptech Quotient, research funding models, and strategies for capital-efficient deeptech start-ups.
NASSCOM To Head Deep Tech Pavilion At Start-Up Mahakumbh, Showcasing 34+ Indian Deeptech Start-Ups

With the growing impetus of India’s deeptech capabilities NASSCOM will be leading the DeepTech start-up pavilion at the Startup Mahakumbh, the premier event uniting the Indian start-up ecosystem. The pavilion will focus on insightful discussions around deep tech innovations that are transforming India and shaping industry capabilities across various sectors of the world. 

The pavilion will host discussion around topics such as Patient Capital, Investor Connect, deeptech Quotient, Rethinking Research Funding Models for deep science advancements, and strategies for building capital-efficient deeptech start-ups.  

Distinguished keynote speakers from the industry will share their insights, providing a comprehensive view of the current landscape and future trends at the pavilion. Interactive discussions and workshops led by seasoned experts in the deep technology domain will offer an enriching learning experience for attendees. 

Sharing her views, Debjani Ghosh, president, NASSCOM, said, "The objective of the deeptech Pavilion at the Startup Mahakumbh is to act as a catalyst for fostering innovation and collaboration within the deep tech sector. DeepTech has the potential to profoundly propel India’s growing digital economy by creating a seismic transformation across all facets of the nation's narrative. The pavilion will enable the country’s deeptech startups to engage with the ecosystem, offering them a valuable platform to exhibit their groundbreaking innovations, establish connections with industry experts, and gain access to the necessary resources for their success." 

The key speakers and mentors at the Deep Tech pavilion include: 

Abhi Deshmukh, CTO, iHub Anubhuti - IIITD Foundation 

Dr. Vibha, head-tech management directorate, CSIR 

Raghav Aggrawal, co-founder and CEO, Fluid AI 

Sateesh Andre, partner, Endiya 

Aakrit Vaish, co-founder and CEO of Haptik 

Amit Kumar, director at Google Cloud, India 

Subrat Panda, chief technology officer, AGNXT 

Naganand Doraswamy, Ideaspring Capital 

Ashwin, Bharat Innovation Fund 

Vishesh, Speciale Invest 

Sushil Gupta, Qnu Labs 

The Deeptech Pavilion at the Startup Mahakumbh will feature a range of exclusive sessions and networking opportunities tailored to the needs of startups who are developing groundbreaking solutions to unlock the potential of deep tech in Bharat. Highlights of the pavilion include: 

Panel Discussions: Thought provoking discussions with industry experts on commercialisation for Deep Tech innovation, Research Funding Models for DeepScience Advancements, IP Protection & Technology Transfer and Venture Capital's Perspective on Research-Backed Startups and how to scale Deep Tech in Emerging Markets. 

Fireside chat: Casual and insightful conversations with industry stalwarts around building capital-efficient deep tech startups and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in the competitive deep tech space. 

Networking Opportunities: The pavilion will provide direct access to industry leaders, investors, and fellow startups, fostering valuable connections and collaborations. 

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