Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Using AI For CX-Centric Technology Solutions

By putting people at the center of everything, [24] helps organizations create a personalized and predictive experience across channels for customers to get things done across voice and messaging channels

Using AI For CX-Centric Technology Solutions
Animesh Jain, Chief Delivery Officer, India, and Americas, [24]

In the realm of Customer Experience or CX, most vendors are either experts at people or technology — but not both. That’s where [24], a California headquartered global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions, is different.

Established in 2000, [24] is a customer experience, software and services company that started out as a contact center leader and built over two decades of operational success into its CX-centric technology solutions. The company serves over 250 enterprise clients spanning 12 key verticals: banking, education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, retail, services, technology, telecommunications and cable, travel and hospitality, and utilities.

By putting people at the center of everything, [24] helps organizations create a personalized and predictive experience across channels.  The highly skilled, tech savvy super agents make it easier for customers to get things done across voice and messaging channels, while the industry-leading conversational AI makes it possible to increase containment while also boosting CSAT. By blending AI and agents, the company delivers measurably better outcomes and significant savings.

[24] has a unique ability to measure not just the cost per interaction but the cost per resolved contact (CPRC) – even for interactions that cross channels and use both automation and live assistance. This helps you understand what’s working, identify areas for improvement and fine-tune customer journey to better control costs.

When the global pandemic struck, [24]  moved quickly to protect the employees while ensuring continuity in services for its clients. Within 72 hours, the company had its teams in place to work remotely with strict measures in place to maintain security, privacy, and productivity. “We were so successful in reimagining our contact centers that we’re making our work from home agent solutions available to increase workforce flexibility and help support teams adapt to the new normal,” states Animesh Jain, Chief Delivery Officer, India, and Americas, [24]

Unlike most CX vendors, [24] solutions are based on decades of frontline expertise. Combining advanced natural language capabilities, machine learning, and behavioral data, the company can automate 30-80% of interactions, both simple and complex.

“Our voice and digital chatbots detect sentiment, recognize nuances in written and spoken language, and understand what your customers mean—not just what they say. Smarter automation improves efficiency, reduces handle time, and makes it easier for customers and agents to get things done,” states Jain.

The company’s deep contact center know-how is embedded into everything it does — from hiring the best talent, to providing ongoing training, to monitoring performance and enabling continual improvement. [24] takes a team of experts (TEX) approach to client relationships and possess the talent and skills needed to shine.

[24] team knows how to put digital channels front and center to deflect calls and lower costs, without sacrificing CSAT. Leading the industry in messaging services, both automated and agent assisted, the company has infused extensive operational knowledge into the CX solutions to ensure better performance, across the board.

The company’s biggest strength lies in its ability to adapt and ingrain technology into its services that are not just tech-enabled but are also tech-enhanced. “We have successfully enabled our people to exercise their utmost efficiency without the fear of burn-out by allotting adequate services to tech automation and letting our employees step in for more complex procedures,” says Jain, emphasizing that the company follows a people first policy to promote learning and growth of employees. The organization firmly believes that this philosophy has not just helped [24] to maintain the best retention rates in the industry but also led to eighty percent of its clients partnering with them.

Despite the health pandemic, the company marked its 20th anniversary with celebrations albeit virtually. Though the situation was chaotic, the team created a blueprint to ensure business continuity for the clients and a safe environment for the employees. “We wanted to ensure that we protect all the jobs and take care of our clients’ interests. Different teams came together and in true [24] spirit collaborated across departments and functions to not only find the right solutions, but also work around the clock and deploy them rapidly. The company witnessed many new leaders emerging in the process,” states Jain.

This was a time when a lot of innovations were taking place. Suddenly, work from home became the new normal and the company started developing new processes and practices for the same.

Developing new strategies [24] is investing in cloud technologies to make the platform available everywhere. They are also migrating their operational services to the cloud to enable the same accessibility. The company wants to change WFH (Work from Home) to WFA (Work from Anywhere). “By taking this step, we are stepping into an evolving phase of information security and compliance-related controls. We are implementing industry-leading practices to make our services reliable, consistent, and safe for our employees and clients. Along with technology & tools, our methods and processes also need to adapt to deliver successfully on WFA,” says Jain, pointing out that strategic investments are being made to enhance skills and behavior development across the entire organization.

[24] continues to invest in building technology and solutions that help in understanding customer intent, seamlessly transition between AI platform and human interactions to provide a great consumer experience. They are also expanding their reach to source talent from beyond the geographical boundaries.

The company believes that varied experiences boost real innovation, creativity, and strategic problem-solving. Gender Equality is hence not just considered to be important but absolutely indispensable to drive organization strategy and achieve desired business outcomes. Opportunities are given to all, irrespective of a candidate’s gender, sexuality or identity. No stone is left unturned to ensure a positive, caring and nurturing work environment, where everyone feels confident enough to contribute

Looking ahead, [24] firmly believes that within the next two years, messaging is destined to profoundly change the way that businesses and customers interact. If your business hasn’t yet deployed an integrated messaging solution, it is time to do so.