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Helping The Faith In Numerology

Promoting numerology is not easy, But Arvind Rathan, India’s most trusted numerologist has created a new paradigm in looking at name, place and a process.

Helping The Faith In Numerology
Arvind Rathan, Scientific Vastu (consultant) Numerologist

Receptiveness to numerology is not limited to countries rich in belief. World uncertainties can be countered through hi-tech solutions and processes. One good name can do wonders in your life, and similarly, one unlucky word may be obstacles. It is best to keep your name in sync with your date of birth for support at various stages of life.

Human is born with Heaven Luck in the form of Astrological Kundli and Earth Luck in the form of Vastu & A Lucky Name. Right Vastu and a lucky name for yourself, your family members and your business name can give you an advantage.

With 14 years of experience in choosing best names with proven results, Mr. Arvind Rathan is a Scientific Vastu (consultant) Numerologist and Feng Shui expert under the brand name as RedLuck.

Arvind Rathan is a dynamic consultant from Bangalore. He has been professionally practising the art and science of Astrology / Vastushastra / FengShui/ Numerology. Arvind Rathan led Redluck’s mission is to ‘Improve Your Life and Your Business. Their Vastu / Fengshui Product Accessories help to energize the property and correct the flaws without major structural changes.

There are three factors which govern us: (1) our Destiny; (2) our Karmas; (3) Vastu Shastra (Energies of the Property). RedLuck guides on all three factors. The team at RedLuck is expert in energizing structures without suggesting major alterations or demolitions. Mr Arvind Rathan is blessed with all Vastu Shastra qualities of insight, practical awareness, intuitiveness etc.


After a detailed and insightful study into one’s life, Mr Arvind Rathan suggest a name on the basis of date of birth enhancing his/her life. Having a great brand name adds value to the business, but choosing a lucky launch date is equally important. He suggests you can also re-launch your company. It’s important to have a right and lucky logo for the companies to grow faster.

In the digital world of business, people think that numerology has no relevance, but Arvind Rathan says its significance cannot be undermined. He says it is essential to have a website name that is lucky for you and your business.

Most people ignore the map analysis while understanding Vastu. You can get it done with Arvind Rathan’s expert team from the comfort of your home. Arvind Rathan offers clients with a personal visit for complete analysis. He suggests, along with map analysis, that people should choose the best date for starting their construction or housewarming ceremony for prosperity.

He suggests all possible solutions to get the Vastu corrections done. The best package Arvind Rathan has provided to his clients is the range of authentic Vastu products. His firm is a certified reseller of Vastu products.

What is in a name? Yes, there is a lot in the name. A good numerologist can unwrap the potential of names. The right name can do wonders. Arvind Rathan specializes in it and has helped many celebrities to turn their wheels of fortune.

The name can extend everything, including a movie’s name.

A fame-filled movie name can make your movie project achieve great unparallel success. We design a name for your film that attracts fame acceleratedly. Launching your film on the right date is very important to get the best earnings.

Why is that a particular web series does well and gets a huge response? Maybe we should look at the name of the web series. Just like movies, web series are booming. A lucky name can change your fortunes.

Music albums have potential to turn around a singer or group’s career. Songs play a major role in the success of movies. A piece of great music can bind your audience to the theatre and turn it into great business. It is imperative to choose the song title carefully. Interestingly, Arvind Rathan says on his website that, like a movie release date, you can choose to launch a lucky date to release your media.

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